1. K

    Cores and Clock Speed importance

    Hi. I am into typing work and photography. I work on MS Office and Adobe Photoshop. I m looking for a basic laptop. I liked Acer E1-510 with Pentium Quad Core 2.16 GHz and 2GB RAM 500GB HDD. Will this specification serve my purpose? I am NOT AT ALL a gamer. Please suggest. I am into a confusion...
  2. A

    Buying advice needed(40K): To "Quad HD" or not to "Quad HD"

    All-right L&G, I happen to find myself in the need of a new smartphone.Previously I have owned an HTC One X(which got stolen after 3 months of purchase) and currently I am using an LG Optimus G from which I wish to upgrade. Now my list of priorities is the following.(Things I want the...
  3. A

    Should i invest in a quad core phone.

    hi folks, i was going to buy a phone but i need a suggestion that i should invest in a quad core phone or not. as market is changing quad core to octa core phones. i was going to buy sony xperia sp because my budget was 18k.but i need to know that i should spend more to buy a quad core...
  4. P

    Core i7 laptop for video editing

    Hello Recently my 8 year old laptop gave up. I need a new one. I understand for video editing, laptops are poorer choice compared to desktop, but I need mobility, so no other choice for now (mini ITX desktop option also slightly crawling in the corner of my mind). I was...
  5. B

    [Want to Buy] Any used proccessor from Intel Core 2 Quad series with HSF with Bill/Box

    Hello Members! I am looking for used processor from "Intel Core 2 Quad series with HSF" & Bill/Box in excellent working condition i.e. Q6600,Q8300,Q8400,Q9300,Q9450,Q9550 etc. Interested individuals can send their offers via PM. Thanks!! Location: Amritsar,Punjab
  6. yash2006

    [Want to Buy] amd quad core cpu

    i want to buy amd quad core cpu (am3, am3+ socket). condition should be pristine. warranty preferred.. pm me if any one want to sell..
  7. vedula.k95

    Which phone should i opt for!!!

    Hello guys will be taking a phone this march.I dont want to get tricked again because when i took my 5230(symbian OS),after 2 months of purchase the market was flooded with android phones with same price bracket and yes with good features :cry: so today i was going through random websites to...
  8. sdk

    Please advise, Should I buy this Laptop

    Hey Guys, need your help, have to buy a laptop asap, I am getting Acer Aspire E1-572 Laptop (4th Gen Ci5/ 4GB/ 500GB/ Linux) (NX.M8ESI.002) @ 31.5k, Is this a VFM???? Please guide whether it is a good deal or not.... 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) Sub 37-38k 2) What size & weight...
  9. G

    suggestion for lenovo G505s(59-380146)

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 40,000 INR 2)What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3)What are the primary tasks will you be performing with this laptop? used to run some general software and graphic related software like...
  10. S

    Best Quad core Mobile - Upto 20 K

    Hi Folks, I would like to buy a new mobile in next month Am looking 5 Inch screen, Best Quad core processor, 1 GB Ram and 4 GB ROM with DUAL SIM* (dual sim Optional ) Thanks in advance for your suggestion
  11. D

    Which Cpu as good as 965 be quad?

    so my processor is being sent to amd in bangalore for rma. i wanted to know if they still produce 965 be quad and if not what other processor should i accept from them, the cpu being 3.4ghz quad, multiplier unlocked with c3 stepping. i do not want a downgrade.
  12. ASHISH65

    Budget Ivy Bridge Takes On Core 2 Duo And Quad Bench!

    Old core 2 duos and quad benched against new ivy dual core,i3 and i5.it shows that still old core 2 duo have some juice left and good for budget people here is review - Is This Even Fair? Budget Ivy Bridge Takes On Core 2 Duo And Quad : Old Vs. New: Six Intel Processors, Benchmarked
  13. D

    Onda V972 tab

    It's quad core, with retina display 9.7 screen. The price looks quite reasonable too. Has anybody tried it? What's the experience like?
  14. bestpain

    [Want to Buy] core i5

    was going to buy new core i3 3220 ...but its only dual core...so need an quad core
  15. D

    NEW laptop under 45k

    looking for a laptop under 45k no brand preferences as of such, but yes the laptop should be able to run atleast the next 3 years. was looking at the HP quad core A10 and Samsung quad core A8 before posting this.
  16. M

    best processor+mobo for around 6k

    suggest me best processor+mobo for around 6k....tight budget! both amd/Intel based. processor should be quad core.
  17. N

    Which laptop is better?

    Which from the below list is better in display quality, sound quality, build quality, performance(leaving the 1GB and 2GB graphics difference), less heating problem, more Wi-fi reception? 1)HP Pavilion G6-2010AX Laptop (APU Quad Core A8/ 6GB/ 1TB/ DOS/ 1.5GB Graph) 2)Samsung...
  18. Cilus

    [Want to Buy] Need quad core combo!!!

    Hi folks, Looking for quad core combo (cpu + mobo + ram) DDR3 based Phenom II x4/Athlon II X4 solutions are proffered but not strict. I just need the Motherboard to be in warranty, at least 6 months. Let me know at the earliest.
  19. V

    amd trinity

    what is an amd a8 4500m quad core equivalent to intels one?
  20. S

    laptop purchase:hp 2005ax,acer 551g and samsung

    i am going to buy a laptop after going through lots of research i come across these three models under my budge 1.hp pavillion g6-2005ax HP Pavilion G6-2005AX Laptop (APU Quad Core A8/ 4GB/ 500GB/ Win7 HB/ 1.5GB Graph): Flipkart.com: Compare, Review HP Notebook 2. acer aspire v3 551g...
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