Whatsapp and other apps not working on Vodafone GPRS


nub 4eva
Last night I had swapped the SIM on my LG Optimus L9 a few times, when I rebooted with my original Vodafone SIM, a few apps aren't being able to use the 2G network it seems.

Apps not working:
Facebook Messenger

Apps working:
Internet browser
Yahoo weather

I'm really confused, I don't have any other Internet service available nearby, I can't figure out what exactly is wrong in this case,

is it a problem of Android, whether due to inserting alternate SIMs and restarting often,

or did I change some settings somewhere unknowingly,

or is Vodafone 2G here not working properly in Vizag.

Anyone having any info about such a problem please suggest some solution :(


nub 4eva
I had somehow changed the Access Point in Mobile- System Settings- More- Mobile Network

Changed it to Vodafone www and everything's working again :eek:
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