1. Vyom

    [Want to Buy] Wired XBox Controller 2nd hand

    The real and new ones are quite expensive now. If anyone have the controller under good condition and might want to sell, please reply. I really want to play Rocket League with a good controller now ;-;
  2. S

    3D model/animation/skeleton/texture/vfx viewer

    Hello everyone I am a boy of 18 years old.I am fond of playing moba games and i want to request something to all of you.will it be possible for anyone to create a Create a 3D Model/Skeletal/Animation/texture/vfx viewer tool which can change the file extensions. I want the above mentioned...
  3. H

    Hey please anyone who is interested in CTC please reply or PM me.

    Hey please anyone who is interested in CTC please reply or PM me. Help me.
  4. bssunilreddy

    [Want to Buy] Corsair TX650M

    Hi, Want to buy Corsair TX650M... Please reply.
  5. M

    Help needed urgently

    Hi guys I own i5 based pc and I have faced a problem twice in last month. Whenever I connect memory card via a card reader , amidst the data transfer the card reader loses connectivity and show error message your card needs to be formatted to proceed. This has occured twice, I changed my card...
  6. G

    Mobile phone tracing? - please reply.

    Hello, to all of you. I want to know some things about Mobile Phone, I hope You understand this question and I'll get replies.actually, my friend has found a new Grand 2 Mobile phone still packed in box on road, I know it seems weird but "its true", and He tried to search the owner of the Phone...
  7. N

    Online Computer Delivery Store

    Hi Guys, A few days go I posted a PC Builder Thread. DesCom Systems is my startup, same like DigitalStorm,NCIX PC. etc. Instead of ordering single components online you can order a full fledged ready to plug-n-play PC. I've kept the prices low on par with FK and SD(there is very little...
  8. S

    About Buying 5.1 speaker for pc

    I want to buy a 5.1 speaker for pc. I have choosed some speakers given below. 1.Creative Inspire T6300. 2.Logitech Z506. 3.F&D F6000. 4.F&D F6000U. Now please tell me which one is the best for computer.Which speaker should I buy???Please reply as soon as possible I am totally confused.
  9. K

    Klout Help!!

    How do I get Google+ share on overall klout score?? Mine is 0% currently. Anything?? Somebody reply me :D.
  10. S

    DDR3 or DDR5

    Which is better 4GB DDR3 OR 2GB DDR5..? Please reply....
  11. shreeux

    Need Help!! Suggest Speakers for Sony TV?

    I like to buy 2.1 Speakers of my tv Sony KDL 32W670A.....* Mostly for Watching Movies... My budget is below Rs.8,000 to 10K Any one reply with Product name with model no............
  12. A

    Ricoh SP 100 Printer from SnapDeal

    Hi All, Lately I have been seeing many thread where it has been recommended to buy Ricoh SP 100 from either snap deal or shopping clues web site. Taking the suggestion and finding the deal to be good , I went ahead and bought the printer from Snap Deal. I have just opened this thread to make...
  13. G

    Want a list of websites like

    Hello, to all of you. I want to register a complaint against Samsung,I know about AKOSHA.COM,this website is doing good work, but I need to know about more websites like it, Please let me know, Hope to see reply soon. Thank You. GEEKCOMPUTER_GEEK
  14. A

    Going to buy Lg 32LN5400 for 31000 ....Is this tv any good ???

    Going to buy Lg 32LN5400 for 31000 ....Is this tv any good please reply guyz .....
  15. S

    Best inverter Split AC

    Guys, i want to buy a 1 ton to 1.5 ton inverter series split ac, which company ac is best can u pls share it. i live in kolkata, my room size 12ft / 12ft. Waiting for your reply.... still waiting for your reply.... still waiting for your reply....
  16. vikrraal

    headphone in india in 5k range for surrounding sound and good bass

    Hii everyone i'm planning to buy a headphone in 5000INR for listening music and sometimes movies. i'll mostly use it on my lappy and sometimes with my HTC one x+. so plz suggest me some good products with rich bass,good surround sound and sound isolation. i'm not an audiophile and this is...
  17. R

    Immediate help on buying lenovo Z480

    Hey there friends, came across lenovo Z480 14" Ideapad.Its the last unit availaible on windows7 at a local shop and hence an offer price of 38000Rs. check the specs below. * Is this model outdated ? My needs are heavy gaming (...
  18. A

    Belkin Surge Protectors

    I bought two Belkin Surge protectors - essential and gold, both 8 sockets. Anyone using them ? Please reply, I want some basic information.
  19. G

    Aviation forums - please tell me about them?

    Hello, to all of you. I am searching some aviation forums(Indian) where I can ask questions about Airport rules and regulations and also can know what is legal and what is illegal in the Airport? and also near the planes? Hope to see reply soon. Thank You. GEEKCOMPUTER_GEEK
  20. B

    Help choosing a PSU-Urgent

    Hi my PSU (details in siggy RIG 1) has gone kaput. I need help choosing a new PSU which will support me existing rig (RIG 1). I have narrowed down on Corsair CX430 and Antec VP450. Please let me know the best out of 2 or if you have some different suggestions please let me know, but please reply...
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