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  1. B

    need help in career planning...

    hai tech savvies, am a final year b.tech student of a medium rated engineering college in south kerala. plenty of my seniors got multiple offers previous year. but thats not the situation right now.only few companies like musigma.capegemini,erricson and ibs so far visited our college.and the...
  2. R

    Speakers under 3k

    Guys I Have one Situation ....I Dont know i Can Properly Explain or not ...but Let Me try To Explain my situation here.......Actually I Want Speakers for My Bathroom (yeah U Can Laugh Here)...Actually Their Is Space Between Roof And Pop Like U See In the walls and I Want To place The Speaker...
  3. F

    my internet con. Hours are not decreasing !!!!!!

    I have a Hathway connection . .with a hours package (it gives 150hrs with some validity) recently I checked the account ...now when I checked again The hours remaining are the same ...I checked twice but they are still the same till now.. my friend who is having the same plan is also...
  4. nisargshah95

    Search disabled on XP

    [SOLVED] Search disabled on XP Hi guys, I have Windows XP SP3. Whenever I go for search, the following situation occurs - How do I enable search?
  5. abhasbajpai

    Need Help ! backup & restore to new memory card in 5235

    My 2Gb card came with 5235 is full, i have many maps and apps in it, i bought a new 4gb card. first i tried to copy everything from the 2Gb card (hidden files and system files were enabled in my xp system) and paste it on 4 Gb card. but when i checked for my apps they were not there (they were...
  6. speedyguy

    Help: Nokia 5700 bluetooth issue

    My nokia 5700 bluetooth can switch on, sometimes detect pcs n get detected too, but fails on transfer to either pc or phone..... any idea of such situation.. lemme know if elaboration needed. Thanx, Enjoy~!
  7. mad1231moody

    Recover AMR files

    Hello friends. I am in a situation here. I have deleted a recorder file in AMR format from memory card (microSD). I tried PC Inspector but it doesn't have option for recovering .amr files although it has feature to recover wav files. Please recommend a software that can help me in this situation
  8. G

    Pessimism Vs Optimism?

    I still dont understand is it bad to be pessimistic or good to be optimistic I have been till my life xperiences (uptil my coll)...seen that a mixture of both Pessimism and Optimism worked for me...... ppl say u need to be optimistic...I have seen situation where only optimism is the way to...
  9. ajooba215

    password recovery..

    now in order to hide all the porno stuff....punk used universal shield...now the prob is...punk has forgotten the pass...and now i m unable to enjoy the stuff nor m i able to unistall the software....pls...help me out...this is a newbie situation....:D:D
  10. Renny

    DVD Region Code query.

    Hi, If a Region Code is selected more than 5 times, then the DVD drive does not allow us to change the region code again, So in this situation how to change the region code to no region or auto(i.e none of the 6 regions).
  11. K

    Viewing YouTube videos

    While viewing Youtube videos the video stops briefly every one or two minutes and then starts. Why this is happening and what to do to get around the situation? Can anybody help?
  12. shady_inc

    What's wrong with the forums.??

    I had created a thread Problem with wmv files in ubuntu. which had got some 10 replies and 80-odd views by today noon.But now I see only one reply and 17 views.Some of my posts in other threads are missing too.Anyone else facing this similiar situation.?? :confused:
  13. R

    Chris Benoit Dead!!

    I'm in shock to know the news of one of the most passionate wrestlers of all time die and maybe murdered with all his family as a WWE fan i feel very sad abt this situation watch his tribute video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McUvirb9XGY
  14. K

    A Networking Question for Broadband

    Well I have two broadband connection and 2 computers.. Dont ask me y.. i will expalin all later.. Just take it as a Hypothetical Situation... Now our funda is that we use 1 broadband in morning and second at night.. and both the computers share the connection.. Now is there any way...
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