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What to shop in China and Taiwan? Generel guidance needed too!

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Hey friends, my dad is planning a trip to china and taiwan for about 15 days. Although it is a business trip, but he is going to get a chance to shop and look around for some time.

I wanna know what all is worth shopping for over there? Has anybody been to china? Will the computer hardware be cheap? If yes then i will ask him to get Hard Disks and also i need a GFX card.

Also are the cellphones there cheaper? I am talking about the nokia phones. N95 8GB or N82 or E90?

How is the scene for vegetarians over there?


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am too lookin for the replies :D

IMO chinese markets hav some out of the world gadgets (u hav never actually thought abt them).


I dunno much but one thing I can say is hope your dad doesn't get any of these :lol:





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that one is sure spooky man

Anyway in China u can get gadgets .... but buyers beware

My brother got me sandisk 1gb pendrive ...2 years ago @ Rs 1050 approx
And also Sandisk sansa player @ 8900Rs ...since sandisk has got a manufacturing facility in China..

Tha question is which place is ur pop gonna visit ...Beijing maybe the capital of china ...but tech goodies aren't a plenty ..Shangai is the tech & business capital of china ...try getting goodies there....Also dont buy them Off streets ...visit proper shops ...My brother said they sell USB drives & External HDDs on the street as low as 500 INR .....but i guess no warranty & certainly the grim look on the sellers face when u come again & complain..DigitalDude is correct

Also HDD ...dont bother to get them from China if you are a WD/Hitachi Fan...since many say they are bugged...i have no opinion....anyway its not cheaper than here.

Graphic Cards are ok ...I neva wanted one from there...

Try ur hand in flash based memory drives as they are cheaper [ I dunno whether u really need one]..Also Movies on DVD are cheaper there [ ahem the original ones]

Try some interesting gadgetry man...its fun & usually interesting too

Good luck


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well there are original looking FAKE nokia mobile phones floating in china. they do work though ......

How is the scene for vegetarians over there?
very grim indeed ......... those ppl eat everything from grasshoppers to cockroaches, rats to dogs(fragrant meat) .........:p
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Finding a vegetarian restaurant in China, let alone eating in one, is a great deal. There are a couple of good vegetarian restaurants in the busiest parts of a city and some of them would be, if you're very fortunate, run by Indians themselves. Darn costly though, but your only hope.

Every other road side vendor serves meat. Taiwan's scene is slightly better.
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