1. J

    coupons for makemytrip

    I need coupons for makemytrip because next week i am planned a trip so i need some discounts or cashback.
  2. ajayritik

    Planning trip to Goa this weekend

    Hi guys, i am planning a 4D/3N trip to goa. This is my first trip there. I will be travelling with my wife. So any of you TDians who have been to Goa before, and have some information/tips please share it here.... my main queries are: 1.Best places to visit 2.Whats the best mode of...
  3. A

    Timelaps suggestions please....

    I will be visiting Leh for a 6 day trip. I want to make a timelapse of the trip using my Sony Xperia ZR. So please recommend and suggest.. i was thinking to taking two 32gb cards. I hope shuffling the cards wont hamper the functioning of the phone ;). Will use a mix of app Droid Timelaps and...
  4. R

    A plunge from Note 2 to Nexus 5

    Hi all, I am offered a Nexus 5 as a gift and its a nod away. Currently I am using a Note 2 (will sell it off if I decide to go for N5, so wait for potential deal :P) and I am tired of its size. Now the real question is, is it a good deal to replace NoteII with N5? Temptations:: 1)...
  5. D

    My MCB is getting trip whenever i start my cpu...what to do.

    I am using Corsair CMPSU-600CXV2UK 600 Watts PSU. My first problem is that PSU came with Euro three pin plug and i am not getting a good convertor for that from the market. second one is it has 15 amps plug so i am not able to use it in my Spike guard as it is of 6 AMP rating. every time i...
  6. bestpain

    kolkata trip

    i am 18 yr guy...have to visit wb tomorrow .....its my first trip alone........have to visit md computer for buying pc is needed from any kolkata frnds ....any1 who could help me plz pm through phone call will also be beneficial
  7. ajayritik

    Trip to Bangalore

    Hi guys, I'm planning for a three day Trip to Bangalore this week. Wanted to check with guys from Bangalore out here as to which is the best place to stay I mean location and any hotels? Also planning to travel to Mysore for a day. Thanks, Ajayritik
  8. D

    Digital camera from 6k-8k

    I need to buy a digicam in a budget upto 8000 max. I prefer sony, cannon or nikon. which one would be the best? It's use is for family purpose photography only, and i also prefer optical zoom over digital one, So please help me out i need to buy today only as my family is leaving for...
  9. abhijit_reddevil

    Looking for a zoom lens

    Hello, I am looking for a zoom lens for my Nikon D3000. Budget 20k. Liked this below: Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR: Lens Any suggestions? This is required for our trip to Gangtok and Pelling from the 21st - 29th of this month. Thanks.
  10. R

    How to prepare for European trip

    Hi folks. My father is assigned with a work trip to Belgium by the month of December(Antwerp to be exact). He asked me to get some ideas like the kind of winter dress that he should buy in advance in India so that he can pack it up(as it will be winter at its best), other travel tips..etc. Can...
  11. Sarath

    Shopping in UK

    I am going on a trip wherein London, UK is one of the destinations. I have seen many people order from UK(online) or get something from there. Q: I would like to know what gadget or other articles can be bought there? More specifically I mean, what is it that we can find there that is worth...
  12. Sarath

    Buying advise for In Ear Headphones from USA $50+

    Requirement: In ear headphones preferably; good quality, comfortable, reliable and within $50 (dont mind spending upto $100 if justified) Summary: Typical relative/friend goes to US for a short trip story. My friends sister is going to US on a 1month trip. I thought this time I can get some...
  13. red_devil

    Trip to Rajasthan - Suggestions needed.

    <cc posted on TE as well..> A few of us are planning on a trip to Rajasthan in August. Train Tickets haven't been booked yet btw The current plan is to reach Jodhpur by train (on some day) and then head out to Jaisalmer --> Bikaner --> pushkar --> ajmer --> jaipur Is this plan feasible? I...
  14. confused

    Visiting Goa... Need tips/suggestions

    Hi guys, i am planning a 3d/2n trip to goa. This is my first trip there. I will be travelling with my cousin. So any of you TDians who have been to Goa before, and have some information/tips please share it here.... my main queries are: 1>which are the must visit beaches?? 2>whats the best mode...
  15. U

    My review of "Nainital" as a tourist destination

    Car Journey from Delhi -to- Nainital (Total Distance close to 310 kms) Visual description of the road journey : The things just got better for the Nainital seeker with the opening of Moradabad and Hapur bypass. > Take the Ghaziabad bypass to leave Delhi and cross the river Hindon...
  16. phreak0ut

    Going for a trip to Kerala. Anything special to buy?

    Hi Keralites ;) I'm going down to Kerala with a HUGE gang of friends from college. God knows where we will be once we get to our jobs, so we thought why not take a trip to God's own country :) It will be a package tour and will be covering 8 places. The usual tourist spots like Munnar...
  17. T

    Are you aware of this online game?

    N78s and a trip to Turkey...on for grabs *
  18. alsiladka

    What to shop in China and Taiwan? Generel guidance needed too!

    Hey friends, my dad is planning a trip to china and taiwan for about 15 days. Although it is a business trip, but he is going to get a chance to shop and look around for some time. I wanna know what all is worth shopping for over there? Has anybody been to china? Will the computer hardware be...
  19. H

    Suggest Digital Camera

    Firstly, i wanna know if a Digi cam will be available at a lesser price in singapore, than in India.. if any1 knows, kindly tell... Now, plz advise me a digicam -abt 8MP -3X + optical zoom -good enough battery life (around 50shots with flash. if battery is not bundled, it shud be easily...
  20. Rockstar11

    Road Trip Songs (hindi & english)

    Hey guys please post ur fav Road Trip Songs... some of my fav songs.... Hindi Dil Chahta hai - Dil Chahta hai English Take It Easy - The Eagles plz post only Road Trip songs....
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