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  1. iittopper

    [Complaint] Transcend horrible RMA

    So after 1 year of use , my transcend storejet 1 TB got damaged . After dozens of phone call to accel frontline and supertron electronic , i found tha accel handles Transcend hard disk RMA while supertron handles transcend pendrives . Went to nehru place , Delhi , to submit my HDD . The guy...
  2. The Incinerator

    [Views] Terrible Transcend

    I have been running pillar to post to buy the Transcend Storejet 35U3 and just couldnt find any at any store across Kolkata. I tried all the well knowns at GC Avenue but nobody has it and their so called Distributor never returns any favourable answer to the calls made by dealers.So I finally...
  3. R

    Apple Pulled Up In Taiwan For Interefering In Pricing

    Apple Pulled Up In Taiwan For Interefering In Pricing | TechTree.com
  4. Mr.Kickass

    Metal-clad Samsung Galaxy J goes official in Taiwan

    Okay folks, so for the first time Samsung sheds its cheap plastic image with this model. I have never used a Samsung phone nor will I ever buy unless it fits my needs but I am curious as to how this thing works out for Samsung team. Given that they have a reputation for bad, no wait, Really Bad...
  5. A

    Feedback to Taiwan excellence brand forum with digit

    Hi people.. Just a day before I had attended the Excellent styles Taiwan excellence event with the invite dat i got from team digit. So i've posted my experience in my blogpost. pls do comment and give suggestions QuicksilveR: Excellent Lifestyles Taiwan Excellence (TAITRA)
  6. echoplxx

    [Special Invitation] Taiwan Excellence Brand Forum with Digit

    Below is the invite for upcoming Taiwan Excellence Brand Forum with Digit event, scheduled for 17th Sep. Please go through the below invite and visit the registration page for additional info.
  7. comp@ddict

    From China To Taiwan, GOOGLE Style - LOL

    Here's the EPIC story of cross channel travel, google style. - maps.google.com - Get Directions - CHINA to TAIWAN
  8. alsiladka

    What to shop in China and Taiwan? Generel guidance needed too!

    Hey friends, my dad is planning a trip to china and taiwan for about 15 days. Although it is a business trip, but he is going to get a chance to shop and look around for some time. I wanna know what all is worth shopping for over there? Has anybody been to china? Will the computer hardware be...
  9. Maverick340

    Google's New Tiwan, Hong Kong homepage design

  10. T

    Keyboard help needed.

    Dear Friends, Below you all can see the image of a keyboard. The model no. of this keyboard is FK - 8500 and is known as office keyboard also. Manufactured by Focus Electronic, Taiwan. The problem is I need to buy this keyboard immdiately. So, please help me locate a dealer...
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