1. izzikio_rage

    Will WD passport overheat if kept in a case

    Ok, so here's a funny question. I've heard of friends killing their hard disks by dropping them (even slight falls kill a hard disk that is running). I've been using my WD Mypassport for booting my windows to go and I'm really scared that this might happen. So I got a case from Amazon (this one...
  2. Ronnie11

    Advice on buying 2TB Internal Hard drive

    Hi Guys, So i have 3 hard drives in my pc(model no. in signature). My primary hard drive is almost full and needs an urgent upgrade preferably 2tb or above(Highly doubt if my system will support hard drives greater than 2tb). Can you please suggest a hard drive which will primarily used for...
  3. S

    CASING SIZE - internal hard disk WD Caviar Green 1 TB Desktop

    HII I Want 2 use my WD (WD10EZRX) Caviar Green 1 TB Desktop internal hard disk as a port. External hd . i know it requires casing n connector. when i looked online, there are 2.5 " and 3.5" inch cases for all hard disks, But my WDs internal hd size is more than that when i measured..... nearly...
  4. D

    Suggest a 1~2TB hard disk

    i'm planning to replace my existing 8~9years old WD640GB and 500GB hard disks with a single 1 or 2TB hard disk. i'll be moving my existing game installations to the new disk. i already use a 2TB WD green for data storage purpose. also wondering if an SSD is will help gaming performance(as...
  5. A

    Help with assembling new PC

    Hello! I'm trying to assemble a new PC. I'll answer the required questions first, and if I feel anything's left out,I'll mention that later. This is my current Configuration: AMD FX4100 ASUS M5A78L-M/USB3 Corsair Value-Select 8gb RAM DDR3 WD Caviar Blue 1TB Zotac GTX 750Ti GPU. UMAX 700W PSU...
  6. J

    Best Hard Disk....

    Hello Everybody, Actually I am going to buy PC at home for my personal work.....through Assemble.I don't know exactly which is best Hard Disk Brand And its Performance.Please Let me know.
  7. Cyberghost

    Nier: Automata

    Square Enix announced at Gamescom today that Nier: Automata would make its way to Steam in addition to PS4. Nier creator Yoko Taro revealed the news in a humorous video, where he said he wishes he could be in Germany, though he'd probably "pig out" on beer and sausages. "I will stay here and...
  8. J

    How do I remove junk files from my computer hard drive

    Which is best junk removal software to clean unwanted files from my computer hard drive. My computer hard drive is now full and i want to run a computer files cleaner software which allows me to gain disk space on my PC.
  9. C

    Hard Disk 100% usage

    Several times a day (in fact sometimes several times an hour), the disk usage jumps to 100% for 1 or 2 minutes, but the resource monitor values don't add up (in fact, this happens quite randomly, even when I'm doing nothing (almost no CPU usage) On the other hand, some other time (far more...
  10. H

    Need new 1 TB laptop hard disk

    I dropped my laptop last month. Since then I am not able to install Windows on my Lenovo Laptop hard disk (Although Ubuntu works fine on it) and it is working fine as an external drive. Windows is important for me. So finally decided to purchase a new 1 TB hard disk. Kindly suggest a suitable...
  11. Thor

    Want to buy a Multiple HDD Enclosure or Bay

    Hello Folks, I have 5 portable HDDs ( or hard drives or hard disks ) It has become a pain to juggle all 5 of them and find and locate stuff across them. I am looking to buy a hard drive bay or enclosure which can contain all 4-5 of them and let me plugin them to my laptop using 1 usb 3.0 port...
  12. bubusam13

    Internal or external Hard disk

    Hi guys, My PC is running out of space. I have lots of RAW images which I need to copy to my hard drive. I edit them in my free time. So what should I purchase ? A internal drive or an External hard drive(externally powered). Also the main reason for me considering an external hard drive is...
  13. mitraark

    Lightning ruined SATA ports Need PCI SATA Card

    My PC runs, well, used to run, 24x7, and one day when i came home after a thunderstorm I saw the message "No disk found" Initially I assumed my hard disk had crashed, but they are working on another PC. I have three options i) Buy new motherboard, but a new LGA 1156 motherboard for my...
  14. A

    Need 1TB Portable Hard Drive (No Power Ext. Source) below 5k

    I want best 1tb portable hard drive. USB 3.0, no external power source, budget is 5k and want portable hdd now in 1-2 day... i found 3 which are good, but please suggest me other and the best Amazon.in: Buy WD Elements 1TB USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive (Black) Online at Low Prices in...
  15. K

    Any free software for password protecting external drive?

    Hi Guys, I have got a foreign made external MINI STATION hard disk, the details of it is given below. The password software for the above, given on the seller’s own website on the net, does not work. So, I would like to install a FREE SOFTWARE which should enable me to lock and unlock the...
  16. demoninside9

    Hard Reset not working.

    Hi All, I am having Lava Flair p1i mobile. I want to remove the pattern lock. I don't remember anything. I want to do hard reset. I gone through some tutorial and find out some methods lilke power off / remove battery your mobile. Then press power key and vol up button till android logo...
  17. Nipun

    Want a cheap, reliable 1TB external hard disk

    Hi! I need a reliable (do NOT want to lose any data) 1TB External Hard Disk. Please suggest. How do I ensure that only I am able to access the files on the hard disk? Encryption?
  18. N

    My rig keeps incessantly restarting at startup

    Hi All, I have a PC with the following config: Corsair GS 600 PSU Intel i7-2600k Zotac GTX 560 Ti 2x4 Corsair Vengeance (1333 MhZ) 2x2TB Seagate Barracuda 7200 RpM hard disks (Raid 0) Gigabyte motherboard (Kinda forgot the exact model number. Will update as soon as I find out) This rig was...
  19. O

    can i reuse old hard disk 500gb of inspiron to vostoro 1014 Intel Core 2 Duo processor. @2.1gHz..

    Hi im upgarding my laptop from 200gb to 500gb hard disk from my brother laptop old hard disk 500gb of inspiron..is it compatable for my vostoro 1014.. Intel Core 2 Duo processor. @2.1gHz.. i think old hard disk(500gb) had performance issue.. can it be repaired.. Also let me know...
  20. Faun

    From Inside the Hard Disk [bandwidth heavy thread]

    I was cleaning my PC for all the dust and mess stuck in CPU cooler and in the peripheral vision of my eyes I saw the worst happening. A slight nudge from my hand send the hard disk off the table, it was only an auxiliary hard disk with backup OS and Downloads partition. Not risking my data, I...
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