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What the hell are MTV hero honda roadies doing out there

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Another Brick in the Wall
Haha.. am I the only person who likes this show? :p Lots of drama and good looking chicks. Waiting for the next epic. :D

TP show, watch & forget.


Cyborg Agent
No not one. Me too used to watch roadies. Tp show.. Hostel so no tv now.. Somebody post pic of gals na..:D


Another Brick in the Wall
Hmm... not just her. All the chick are good. I like all the chicks. Prabjot, Sambhavi, and the chick who was voted out in the ep 1.


Ambassador of Buzz
Shambhavi .. :)
Rodies is fun .. at least the tasks are. It sort of like fear factor. Accept that they try to mix too much famale-doging and politics .. and the exec-producer is an donkey-butt , buts its fun :p
Like drgrudge says : watch and forget ..


Broken In
mtv got cool vj like ranvijay from the hero honda roddies 1 that is the plus point for them .they r westing at least 5 hours of music play for this show. we hope that this channle is for music so they will provide music not that type of show


^And you will be forced(directly or indirectly) to manipulate, backstab,use loads of obsecene words(to make you cool) and basically make you a moron.


Bond, Desi Bond!
The only reason I have cable is for F1 and Soccer. Everything else is plain stupid.

irritating cartoons on CN
Aaj Tak says "Breaking New: Amitabh Bacchan ko thand lagi"
MTV shows stupid reality shows
Regional channels show stupid daily serials where every one will be either crying or bullying.


left this forum longback
MTV roadies shows off some biatches there who want to showoff :D
thx!I dont have MTV,V channel now on sun dth-b4u,yo,9xm etc suffice.


Rockin g33k
arre yaar..its not tht bad..cummon...

its a complete different genre of reality show...i would choose roadies netime over the indian idols and the nach baliyes..it shows what u have to do to survive urself..coz above all...u as a person cums frst..and to save urself u can do anything and evrything...


Ambassador of Buzz
I like this show for auditions, I never cared to watch the actual show, the chichs are amazingly hot.
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