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  1. kg11sgbg

    Some portions of Swipe MTV Slate tablet screen unresponsive!!!

    My Swipe MTV Slate Tablet was functioning very good till now,except that a majpor issue has cropped up. Some portions of the capacitive touch screen has suddenly become unresponsive to touch. The most difficult part is when I want to write something onto my Tablet through the onscreen keyboard...
  2. S

    Interesting Video on N78

    Found this video while browsing about N78 Rannvijay is giving a demo of Sportstracker on his n78 in the video. He sure comes across to be tech savvy:p .. btw if you don’t know who the hell he is.. Rannvijay is a MTV VJ J http://in.youtube.com/watch?v=bbrB05pMTO4 Infact i am plannin to buy...
  3. ax3

    which channel ???

    Mtv & V, music channels have turned desi ..... so they dont telecast\show eng songs .... where do u watch eng songs ?
  4. B

    Boshh Mtv 100

    I hv BOSHH MTV 100 mob. it doesn support .3gp ,gp or any other file format any converter name ?:confused:
  5. prashant9918

    What the hell are MTV hero honda roadies doing out there

    i like to see songs on the mtv chanale not to see hero honda roddies :rolleyes:
  6. raksrules

    MTV Roadies 5.0 audition videos ?

    Can anyone please let me know were i can get access to the uncensored videos of MTV Roadies 5.0 . In TV they advertise that you can watch the videos at www.mtvroadies.tv but after entering the website i cannot find where to view the videos. Please help !!!:(
  7. dunno

    MTV vma

    how many of u watched the vidio music awards? mtv really put up a great show this year. it was unique and definately the best compared to the previous yrs.and i must say the full credit goes to "jack black". fergie clearly put up the best red carpet entrance. i thought it was really really...
  8. hbk549

    Xbox360 ads on Mtv

    have any one seen xbox360 ad on mtv ... "People jumping here and there....." can any one post the ads here
  9. ferrarif50

    MTV Joins Microsoft for Music Service

    MTV Networks on announced that it will launch a digital music service, which would be integrated into the forthcoming Windows Media Player 11 and feature content from MTV, VH1 and CMT, as well as over 2 million songs from major labels and thousands of independents. Called URGE, the service is...
  10. K

    The Era of Next Generation Gaming begins May 12

    This was 1 news I got trou mail. Introducing Microsoft’s Next Generation Xbox Over the next few days, Microsoft’s Next Generation Xbox will be introduced to the world. Gamers will get the first official look at the new console, and learn about the Xbox vision for the next...
  11. Sourabh

    MTV Ad for the Xbox 360 Unveiling

    MTV Ad for the Xbox 360 Unveiling An MTV ad for the unveiling of the Xbox 360 has just appeared online, watch it here. Notice the newly-revised Xbox logo… “A momentous event is coming to MTV… An unveiling, a revelation that will change entertainment forever. Witness it for the first...
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