What song are you addicted to at the moment?


i quite like her work and have been listening to many of her tracks for a while now.Among others,"automatic call" is one of my favourites.

I have developed an immense liking for this genre of music called "Retrowave"- artists like midnight,fm84,Nina,Robert parker etc have done a really amazing job and produced such a wide array of fabulous tracks that have an extremely joyful,upbeat feel and evoke a beautiful sense of nostalgia for the past.

These performers and musicians involved with the retrowave movement are remarkably talented and make such great music but unfortunately they hardly receive much recognition for their stellar work.

Here are some of the tracks that i have been listening to quite frequently of late:

Delorean- FM 84

Outatime- FM 84

Anyone but you- Particle house


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^^Yup, a.k.a SynthWave/SynthPop/Chillwave/RetroWave :)

All of the songs are Happy Mood theme which will make Sad person feel happy ;)

I'm sold for Beyond Memory (Extended Version), Have listened to it 10 times since yesterday :)



TẾT BÌNH AN !! 22 Jan, 2023!!​

Enjoy TẾT BÌNH AN pop remix.

Lofi mix.
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