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what makes apple a winner?

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First off, what's a "Winner"? Is it in terms of sales, or the absolute quality of the product?

Well, in case of the iPod, Apple's clearly ahead in both. However, the overall quality of an iPod is not vastly greater or perhaps even lower than some other DAPs, so Apple reduced the pricing. Making it an overall great product.

However, when it comes to their Macs, the product is so significantly ahead of all competition that Apple can actually get away with pricing them the way they do.

I'm sure that if the Macs were the same quality, but a lot cheaper, EVERYONE would use Macs, including the very people who complain about it today. Why? Simply because its a better product. It gets everything done easier and faster. And it looks good while its at it ;)

Now someone's going to pop up and say that that's not true, because you've got software you can't run on the Mac. I am of course speaking of a hypothetical scenario where Macs are a lot cheaper. In this alternate scenario, Mac and Windows would actually switch places, making it extremely likely that software runs on Mac, and not Windows, because everyone would use a Mac. Again, the fact is debatable that perhaps, in this scenario, OSX would fall apart.

Then there's the question of freedom. I respect those among you who would actually give up on a Mac, which at least I consider a superior product, only to ensure the continuity of the movement. But the fact is that this is a really small minority, and a very large percentage of the computing world couldn't care less as long as their lives are a little easier.


Macs are gaining popularity in india these days . and people in my area seems that buing macs is elite than any other brand


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what makes apple a winner

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What makes Apple a winner is the revolutionary new features that you only find in Apple products.
Like the iPhone being the first device to feature cut-copy-paste functionality, or the iPod being the first MP3 player to have FM radio and voice recording or the iMac's using the latest HDMI and eSATA ports that no other laptop provides.


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What makes Apple a winner is the revolutionary new features that you only find in Apple products.
Like the iPhone being the first device to feature cut-copy-paste functionality, or the iPod being the first MP3 player to have FM radio and voice recording or the iMac's using the latest HDMI and eSATA ports that no other laptop provides.
Jokes apart Apple is clearly a niche segment player,So please don't compare them with other products based on the price and some overlooked options.Yes they do miss some basic functionality sometimes that even a cheap device has.But hey why is every other mp3 player compared with iPod and every other phone compared with iPhone.
You guys just whine about its missing functionality,not every device is perfect,look at the number of good features it offers.They are pricey,but they are worth it IMO.

And coming to the Topic What makes Apple a Winner??
Apple did not become a Winner overnight,it had its share of downfalls.But what makes Apple a winner is their attempts in re-inventing the same old boring devices into some Hot gadgets.They make aesthetically good devices which are functional too_Ok I'll go on and on like this and this is going to start a Brand war :grin: .This is just my opinion,its ok if you agree with it or just ignore it if you don't.


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Why linux isint so popular is because majority of computer owners are people who are not geeks/exposed to things like that.

they see a Mac, they see people with Macs, and they think, "that machine is sexy! that interface is slick! i want one!"
that doesnt mean Macs are just for show. its just that people go for whatever works for them.

if macs are too expensive, then the obvious choice is Windows.
Lets be realistic here, how many people who are not that into computers would try Linux? and how many of them would try OS X?
Also you forgot to mention 1 thing. adding to your point. If am not wrong most of us who has custom PC uses pirated windows. Using Pirated Mac is bit tough :p


^^But I think most of the Mac Users download pirated versions for most software they may need because fewer software are available for free in Mac...



œ∑´®†¥¨ˆøπåß∂ƒ©˙∆˚¬Ω≈ ç√∫˜
^^But I think most of the Mac Users download pirated versions for most software they may need because fewer software are available for free in Mac...


^^ I dint mean pirated Mac software but i meant pirated Mac OS. Installing Pirated Mac OS on assembled pc is not as easy as windows. Its a bit geeky and the end result is not that great


I ve seen and used Windows 95, NT, XP Pro, Vista and previewed 7.
On OSS Side, started with Fedora 3 core and delved into ubuntu and rhel and suse at times.
Used up Mac first time about 6 years ago and now I have a MBP 15'.
Mac is terminal + Windows ease!
You want to know the insights, hit the terminal.
And if GUI is your thing, Mac is your mate!


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yup ipod cant be called an invention. There were many music players available before ipod was rolled out.
apple a winner ?? not really.
ok why do we need a phone which has touchscreen with features like zoom, rearranging icons, tilt detection etc and compromises on features like bluetooth file transfer, video recording etc. for a feature wise comparison check this out....

ok apple guys may argue that bt-file transfer was left out to decrease piracy of sound files but shouldnt they have adopted the symbian approach to not allow protected files to be sent over bluetooth.
Moreover there are restricitions on the mobile operator you can choose(without breaching the warranty that is....)

Well After using the Iphone my mind totally blown away.. well if you have unlocked and jailbroken the iphone then this phone is the best you can ever have.. you can install apps to transfer files via bluetooth and all too.. now if you jump up like a kid and say you will void your warranty and all that FCUK then listen here everyone is having sony PSP then why they have installed custom firmware to run downloaded games? that too voids warranty but who cares unless the thing is from Apple,sony (product quality) after all it's not china.. when something goes wrong revert back to the original firmware then give it to apple to fix it... only if you are very unlucky then your phone can get bricked or something else..

And do you think apple is dumb enough that they can't cover up there OS security so that it does not gets jailbroken or something? Apple does that because there sales grow due to jailbroken thing not low down..

I guess you haven't used a iphone yet.. seeing and using for a minute or two is entirely different thing then owning it


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Apple is an American company & it is a winner only in U.S of A. Outside in Europe & Asia, no one cares about Apple. Just look at the market share of iPhone in Europe & you will know.

What people praise Apple for is due to its market share in only USA but there is more to the world's market then USA. Do you know that in first 6 months in India, Apple only managed to sale 20k iPhone. Its not like there are no jailbreakers here in india when you can go to Nehru Place in Delhi & get it hacked within minutes, but its the overall utility.

In Europe & Asia, people want value for money. They don't want to spend time or money in buying something which the competitor is giving for free already. Lack of Bluetooth share is a big drawback in the Indian context cos here there are no piracy rules & people share songs, ringtones, images etc all the time considering GPRS rates are very high which makes uploading to flickr etc not easily possible.

Its also about the Indian mentality. Here people are not too keen on browsing internet on a 3" screen of phone, they prefer to do this on a computer ( a large majority at least) & they find Rs 600 for unlimited GPRS from a Vendor like Idea too much to pay.

iPhone is success domestically only in USA, while Symbian, Blackberry & Windows Mobile is globel success specially due to custom UI by manufacturers in case of Symbian & WinMo. Blackberry is a different breed all together.

One thing is there for sure, Apple's system is very tight & completely integrated. In case of a Windows EcoSystem, you will have to work a bit to make it all integrated


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Price.. its price.. Apple products are priced higher.. even though they're nowhere near the current standard configuration of a PC in the respective price range.. its price that matters.. people feel cool to own a Mac due to its price...

iPhone isn't that great phone.. HTC Hero and Nokia N900 are way ahead of it.. same is the case with iMac and Macbook Pro.. nothing comes closer to Alienware.... and Alienware's PCs deliver best bang for buck.. but it is the price factor again that makes Apple (as you say) a winner..


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Every piece of software in Cupertino has its root in Open Source product or some other company's product...

Safari :- KHTML (All hail konqueror)
iTunes's AAC :- Developed initially by Sony, AT&T, Nokia etc.

Secondly, i've never seen a company more hypocrite than Apple.. they bash Microsoft for every thing, but they get most happy when MS Office is rolled out for Mac.. you can see that in some Macworld Keynotes..

They take a lot, i mean a LOT from Open Source Community.. but they don't give back anything.. they were not even willing to make Webkit Open Source.. but then RMS was thinking of kicking their ar$e... then they did it..

And, there is no support of ODF in iWorks.. even MS Office supports it.. you can't log on to MobileMe from Linux (there is a workaround though)... Ogg Vorbis and FLAC are not support on Apple's apps.. and they're not willing to support HTML 5's Theora implementation.. damn hypocrites..
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