1. S

    Essential Strategies for GRE Test Preparation

    Golden Tips to crack GRE: Analyze your strength and weakness Make a Personalized Study plan Practice, Practice makes you Perfect Take GRE and get your Dream GRE score
  2. demoninside9

    What makes a mobile heat

    Hi guys, I want to know about the factors which makes a mobile heat. Is it processor, ram, motherboard. And also please let me know if anyone using Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML. It is having heating problem? Thanks
  3. adityak469

    Cockroaches : How To Deal with them?

    So these little disgusting things are back in my house after a long time of 2-3 years. They vanished in the first place because of the Boric Acid trap but as the saying "what doesn't kills you makes you stronger" goes, the Boric Acid has no effect on them now(thanks to genetic evolution). Does...
  4. T

    Laptop turning off by self

    Lamy dell inspiron n5010 is turning on for a few mins and then suddenly it turns off. Fan makes noise like it seems its rotating fast.
  5. D

    Do you own a desktop?

    Desktops are not selling anymore. Laptops are fast enough and are not too costly. Also tablets are available cheaply. I am stating the facts. Look around there are very few shops selling desktops. I want to ask if you own a desktop, what makes you keep one or buy a desktop over other...
  6. sanny16

    samsung phone charger making noise

    Should i buy a new charger or is it okay to use it even if it makes noise while charging? Does this happen to others too?
  7. frostbite

    iBall 5.1

    Hi, I have a iBall 5.1 Speaker Set. The problem is with my subwoofer, after running for 5-10 minutes it starts making loud burp sounds, cuts off audio and makes the sound, then audio then sound. What could be the reason? I tried changing the audio cable which connects it to PC/Mobile.
  8. P

    Asphalt 8 compatibility issue

    Well, I have an Xperia ZR, and it does not support Asphalt 8. As far as I know, it has pretty decent configuration, 1.5GHz quad core processor, 2 gigs of RAM, and Adreno 320 to handle the graphics, but still Asphalt 8 is incompatible with this device. Does anyone know, with what Android...
  9. H

    Govt goes after porn, makes ISPs ban sites

    Govt goes after porn, makes ISPs ban sites - The Times of India Tor + Obfsproxy is the way forward.
  10. bestpain

    USB restarts

    whenever there is power up or down then my ups makes sound and all the usb device like keyboard,mice restarts
  11. Jay1234

    Laptop startup noise optical drive ?????

    The issue is my laptop's optical drive makes a noise at start up , shut down &some times when i insert pen drive or charger like for 2 second what is it ? Does your lappy makes simalar noice btw its working f9 do i need to tell lenovo about it ???
  12. A

    [Query] sapphire service center

    hey is there any sapphire service center in pune note:- sapphire technology which makes graphics card
  13. ithehappy

    DVD writing speed makes no difference! Why? Solution?

    I use Nero Burning ROM 10, it never gave me any problems but I see that if I change and up the speed to 16X for writing it makes no difference than 8X speed, both take ~ 8 mins. However when starting at 16X it does show 5 minutes but in reality it takes 8 mins. I generally write dvds at 8X but...
  14. H

    WD Elements Drive not spinning

    Hello, I accidentally dropped by WD elements drive and now when I connect it to my PC, I can see the white light (it blinks in the beginning and then is constantly on) .. but nothing shows up in My Computer. My PC makes the little sound also when it detects the drive and it shows up as a USB...
  15. M

    FIFA skills...........

    I have learnt all the skill moves in the game....i can do it against the PC and online as well. But is it even possible to do things that you see in the youtube??? you know what i mean......A single man skilling out the entire opponent defense. I can get past one defender and in some rare cases...
  16. Lalit Kishore

    What is use of Second Display Function provided by LG LM8600?

    I came to know that LG LM8600 has Second Display function. what's this and how it makes LG different from others.
  17. Hemanth.MMO

    Help! Monitor dims and goes blank

    Monitor ( Viewsonic VX 1940 ) suddenly got dim and after 3-5 seconds went blank, the power light remains on. Switching monitor off and on makes it come back but again after 3-5 seconds goes blank.
  18. clmlbx

    Headset needed Immeditely

    Hope some one answer immediately, I am going to buy tomorrow morning, needed very urgently,, I want something comfortable, need to use it with skype if that makes some difference. I am looking for some better quality Edit :- I was in hurry so forgot to mention budget: It is around 1K
  19. J

    New PC Configuration

    one of my relatives is going to buy a new PC and I have to come up with a basic configuration. They have a budget of 20000 Rupees,please help me in coming up with a basic good configuration. nice questionnaire template btw , makes it so much easier xD 1. What is the purpose of the computer...
  20. A

    Any cool fun email maker ?

    I need to create and send out birthday mail, anniversary mails etc on a daily basis.. and creating them in PowerPoint or word then importing in outlook makes the job very time consuming and tedious.. Is there any software to create cool fun mailers (static).
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