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what is the advantage of Ardroid OS rather than Symbian60 latest


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Dear Geeks,
i was a fan of S60 platform on Mobile, especially on Nokia's NSeries.
but now a days i am hearing abt Android Platform. i also planing to change my N97 32GB to Nokia N900, it also having this new platform.

so wish to get learn abt this Term ANDROID and its High and Cons.

pls share from your Kwnldge.

hardy waiting

with love


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Android Kills Symbian there's really no competition...
Better UI, Apps, and Phones

Symbian S60 is quite outdated, and in some respects easier to use but many people don't consider phones running S60 smartphones anymore because of it's technical limitations. Secondly the face of Symbian hasn't changed much in the last decade.

there are some good phones that run the S60 OS (for example the E71, E5 etc)
but touch screen phones running this OS have terrible user interfaces. Nokia is dumping the S60 OS and in the future is making all mainstream phones using a newer, Symbian^3 operating system. Time will tell if it is a success.

If you want a touchscreen phone, you should get an Android mobile phone.


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Dear Himadri_sm,
pls clear your point.

i am in to get update with tech news,
is that BAD??

pls open you mind




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Android for touch screen phones and Symbian for non touch screen phones. That's how I differentiate these two mobile platforms :)

BTW this thread belongs to Mobile Monsters section :-D


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Dear NainO,
hats off.
wll what i selected this place to post is, i thought to ask this as a Technology query.

as it concern the platform/OS, felt not to get in Mobile Monsters section.

if i am wrong, dear Mod, pls be kind to change to the appropreat sec.




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& a good competitor to Android based mobile is Nokia N900 (your choice). but it runs Meamo & maybe no official update to MeeGo. so if you get N900, you may have to do your own modding & port/install meego to N900.


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Oh, i cee,
well, could u point out what is the advantages for this Android with present technolodgy please??


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I do not think Symbian has got any kind of technical limitations...all the features that Android is providing, Symbian has been doing it for years. Years...yes that's the point, that they have not changed in years. People get bored by looking at the same interface for so many years. Even in S^3 they have not changed the UI (it sucks)...

Regarding the hardware too, there is a lot of room for improvement. They shudn't have brought out sub-standard phones like N97...but it is only about software so I will not go deeper into it.
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