1. T

    Which portable Bluetooth speaker to buy

    Dear all, please help me in deciding which budget portable Bluetooth to buy; I've shortlisted 3 options whisoeaker ch are of the same price range, they are Logitech X 100, JBL Go and Zoook ZB-BS100; my query is mainly which speaker performs best in term of sound quality, every other attributes...
  2. W

    WD Blue or Green, which one is better for long term data storage reliability???

    Hello, I wanna get a 1TB or 2TB Internal HDD for my PC. Which one is better for long term reliability? WD Caviar Blue OR Green? I do not need speed, just long term data storage reliability. Thanks!
  3. ajayritik

    Is it ok to have 3-4 SATA HDD used at same time

    I have 3 SATA HDD and one IDE HDD which I have connected to my desktop. I have data in all of these drives. Is this setup ok I heard the term RAID but not sure if that applies here. Just worried that accessing mutiple HDD will affect the HDD performance in the long run.
  4. R

    computer enthusiast

    Who is computer enthusiasts?? how to explain someone that i am computer enthusiast, is there any difference between computer enthusiast and computer freak?? can i add term "computer enthusiast" in my bio data, what kind of questions generally arise about computer enthusiast.
  5. Revolution

    Any Option For Long Term Suspension Or Intermittent Use For DTH ?

    I'm thinking to get any DTH(D2H/Tata Sky etc) soon or later for my 2nd CRT TV. But I planning to run it for about 4 to 6 months in a year. Is there a long term suspension option available for DTH ? If YES, what would the cost for that ? Also, if I simply stop recharging my account, what...
  6. samudragupta

    What is partition?

    Hi friends, i have been scratching my head for quite some time over this. Can some one explain to me what is creating partition in windows and what is its use? please explain to me in layman's term.
  7. theserpent

    Good short term computer cource

    Hey guys please tell me a good short term course for like 1 to 1.5 months long courses in computer like VFX, etc
  8. Blue Ripazah

    Need to do some short term course..???

    Hi guys ... Im free for the next 5 months so need advice on any short term course which can help me in my mba ....
  9. S

    Please Suggest me a short term course

    Dear Sir I am in depression. I passed 10th in 2001 with 70%, 12th in 2003 with 69%. Then there is a gap of 3years. I did B Com 2006-2009 with 55%. After that I did no college study. I did basic web design course from local institute. Although I learnt html, css, javascript and php. I am...
  10. 6Diablo9

    Any Anime fans out there?

    It seems like lot of members here have their Avatar or Username after an Anime character. So are there any other anime fans out there. Btw those who don't know what Anime is it's ANimation made in Japan not to be mistaken with cartoons. Quote by Koby from Kametsu Forums So whats your...
  11. bubusam13

    What is rooting ?

    Minutes before I was on iGyan website reading reviews on Micromax A70 where I came to this term rooting? What exactly is it ? Can someone explain.
  12. NewsBytes

    Twitter reports 3x faster searches with new Blender

    So you think Google, Yahoo and Bing are the only search engines around? Well, you aren't entirely wrong, but five-year old Twitter too has a search functionality, and although it may not be comparable to the search giants, it still serves over a billion search queries a day. On Twitter, a search...
  13. M

    what is the advantage of Ardroid OS rather than Symbian60 latest

    Dear Geeks, i was a fan of S60 platform on Mobile, especially on Nokia's NSeries. but now a days i am hearing abt Android Platform. i also planing to change my N97 32GB to Nokia N900, it also having this new platform. so wish to get learn abt this Term ANDROID and its High and Cons. pls...
  14. K

    software job after B.Sc(IT)

    I am completed B.Sc(computer science) in 2010 In Andhra Pradesh i want to job in IT field i have basic knowledge of C and V.B some one advise me networking is better but i dont know which job is better i want to do any short term course (1 or 2 months) and get a job please suggest me which...
  15. Psychosocial

    Wierd LCD problem

    Been a loooong time since I posted here. Was kinda immersed into other stuff. Anyways, so here I am back at Digit to be with the good ol' geeky folks! Well I have gotta a problem right now with my LCD. I dunno how to explain it. It was working fine until the morning but when switched it on at...
  16. B


    Can anyone tell me abt telnetting, how to use it from scratch? i want every term explained.....
  17. devilinearth

    Short term courses?

    i have jus done my btech in eee...many of my frnds r doin short term courses such as autocad ,html,c++ nd java....so i was thinkin to do all these courses by myself...i have all the text books nd softwares...so will tht b ok?...or do i have to do it in some centres?.. pls reply
  18. L

    What is a re-manufactured ink jet cartridge?

    one guy tell me that I need to re-manufactured my ink jet cartridge. So let me know what is the actual term it is.
  19. G

    ip address doubt..

    hi guys.. could anyone plz explain to me what actually the term network id means in the discussion of ip address classes..when i was goin through the online resources,i noticed that they all have discussed bout it but none have a clear description of the term.. What does it mean by class A has...
  20. Sathish

    Share short-term courses you have studied.

    hi friends.. most of this forum members are all students so , i opened this thread to create some awareness about short term courses to all which enable them to improve their skills. So. share some short term courses that you have studied (/studying) which you feels more helpful to your...
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