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weired sound coming from cabinet(probably it's the harddisk). listen to this.....

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from last few days when i switched on my p.c a strange sound comes from the cabinet. i think it might be the hard disk.
i have recorded it and attaching the file, it is in amr format .pls listen and tell what might be the problem.
i observed that the sound comes the moment i switch on the p.c till the time windows load completely after that there is no sound.

ok here's my config-
intel p4 2.8 gz hyperthreding
intel orignal 915gav mobo
2gb ddr1 trancsend ram
320gb seagate hdd
250gb segate hdd
sony dvd writer
lg cd writer.
enterage power 3 gold 450w psu http://enterage.in/powersupply.html
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We cant judge a problem by checking out the sound. Next time you post let us know your config INCLUDING the power supply. In the meanwhile google and download hd tach and runn error scans. If you see any red blocks then your hard drive has bad sectors.
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