1. F

    Weird color issue on Surface RT

    I have a Microsoft Surface RT, suddenly the screen is showing weird colors(see image). I took a screenshot and checked on my laptop. It looks fine. What could be the issue ? I doubt its a hardware issue. Snap of the issue Screenshot
  2. Shivam15

    Weird problem in my HTC One V - Liquid on top of screen ?

    Hi, I have a two year old HTC One V and it has a weird problem I never seen on any other phone. Its like a slimy liquid on top right of the lcd of the phone. Earlier it was little bit on the side but now its expanded a bit. But everything is working fine without any problem. :| Check the...
  3. D

    Weird problem- Internet works only when i switches on a vpn

    I am facing a very weird problem for last 3-4 days, I was not able to access any of the site on any browser(tried 4 different browsers) but blue stack and steam were working fine. So today i installed hotspot shield and after switching it on everything is working fine -_- Still i cant use...
  4. tkin

    Weird stuff you could buy right now

    Welcome to the place to discuss weird, wonderful and crazy gizmos and stuff. Post everything that looks interesting, no matter how useless it is. This thread follows two simple rules: 1. It must be weird/interesting :lol: 2. The stuff you link to must be available to purchase in India, out...
  5. W

    Galaxy S3 is having weird charging issue

    Hi, so the battery came with my galaxy s3 R530 has died and I just replaced a battery from eBay, but now my phone is having a weird issue--- it will only charge when the phone is off while charging with USB cable. I am waiting for another battery from mpj for troubleshooting. Does anyone know...
  6. true_lies

    Weird Textures in Crysis 3 and Farcry 3

    Getting some weird Textures in both games. Images attached along with settings. get 25-30 fps in both games on an average. Specs in my sig. Gpu (stable overclock 840/1040 from 775/950) runs at 100% and cpu ~ 75%. latest AMD drivers (13.12) Temps never went above 60 for both cpu and gpu...
  7. N

    S2440L Weird Blinking Problem

    Hi guys, 2 weeks back i got myself s2440l dell monitor. I am having some weird issues with this monitor. Whenever i switch on my light or modulate my ceiling fan speed, the screen goes dark for 2 sec and reappears. This don't happen with all switches. Just some of them. Does...
  8. saikiasunny

    Weird pc problem

    Hello Digitians! I am facing a weird problem with my pc. My pc was working fine. But yesterday when i turned on my pc, it restarted at the logon screen. I tried again, this time it asked me for startup repair. During the repair, it crashed again and showed a BSOD. Now the problem is it...
  9. ajayritik

    Computer behaving odd with issues

    In the past few days I observe that my computer is behaving weird. Whenever I navigate in Windows Explorer I seem to find the folder name as junk characters. Also whenever I try to access some files on the HDD it takes long time to open. Once it restarted as well. Yesterday when I was trying to...
  10. gohan89

    Weird Problem of Computer not starting!!!!

    For a few days, I am having this weird problem.Whenever I am pressing the poweron button on my cabinet to start my computer,light starts up and then within two secs dies down.Again it comes to life, but my monitor does not start.I then directly switch off the UPS and wait, but to no avail.I even...
  11. theserpent

    Weird Color Problem in Photoshop

    Hey guys so i have a very weird problem in photoshop when in use it in the color mode RGB, sometimes even pictures open up in weird colors. You can see the problem in the screen shot below But, if I make a new canvas it in CMYK color mode the colors are fine
  12. A

    GPU fan making weird noises.

    Since today, my GPU fan has started making weird noises. It just stops in between sometimes and i have to rotate it by hand to make it start spinning normally again with that sound. Here's a video to show it.. help me guys :( .. *
  13. deepakgates

    Hard Drive making weird sound!!

    ive bought this Seagate Expansion External Drive 1 TB last year, but now its making a weird sound and then stops. is this repairable and what could be the problem. Here is the link to sound it makes Record001.mp3
  14. S

    Weird prob with Funbook or maybe Android..

    Hey guys, I am facing a weird problem with my funbook. Audio output is coming from both speakers and headphones. Tried factory reset using settings->backup n reset. But the problem still exists. pls help
  15. H

    Cutest phone

    Hi, Guys my friend wants to buy the cutest bestest looking phone, in the market or about to come to the market very soon. The budget is around 10k i know it is a bit weird but any inputs would be appreciated.
  16. S

    Weird problems

    So, yesterday i was playing GTA bully and it ran fine but today i don't know what happened. It just randomly closes. Sometimes it runs for 5 min, sometimes for 1 hour. I tried reinstalling it but it gave no result. :cry: Sometimes, while playing games i don't know what happens. The graphics...
  17. Desmond

    Weird Hard drive problem. EXEs disappeared.

    Hi, I am now facing a weird problem with my Seagate 1TB external hard drive. One day, i found that it was not getting detected. When it did, many of the EXEs have disappeared and random TMP files are scattered around various folders, bearing names like: trz3A7B.tmp, trz69F7.tmp, etc. So...
  18. S

    Games crashing

    Pc crashes randomly while playing games.It happened for skyrim and witcher2 My pc is new expect for monitor and hard disk i5 2500k 3.3ghz 560ti 8gb ram While playing suddenly monitor says no signal and weird sound comes from speaker and then nothing happens no display, i have to restart...
  19. K

    Weird charging issues with my galaxy POP

    Hello All, I am facing these weird problems with my Samsung Galaxy POP: 1. It takes about 4-5 hrs to charge fully (till 100% shown in the upper left corner) 2. It discharges in <12hrs after a full charge 3. Sometimes while charging, if I remove it from charging, it will still keep...
  20. gameranand

    Weird Opera Problem

    Guys I am facing a very weird problem with Opera Browser. Some of the sites are not opening as they should be See the images below to get the idea. I have already tried to reinstall Opera but no use please help. Here is how thepiratebay opens And here is how gamespot opens
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