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hey ,
i have a psp 3004 with firmware 6.60.. plz can ne one help me in playing gba roms on it.... an emulator compatible with the firmware..
You will need to downgrade the firmware but that is not possible right now because 6.60 doesn't have any CFW or LCFW right now.


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^^ that's for those who have currently hackable firmware.

to use a CFW, first you need to downgrade your 6.60 to something lower.
PSP Firmware 6.60 Downgrader Released | PSP Hacks · PSP Go Hacks · PSP Homebrew, PSP Downloads, PSP Custom Firmware

then just use a 6.60 PRO-B installer
PSP Downloads | PSP CFW 6.60 PRO-B9 (fix1)

to get a CFW.

then google and get a GBA emulator for PSP.

UPDATE : the new 6.60 LCFW is out which requires no downgrading. LCFW 6.20/6.35/6.39/6.60 Pro B9 Released , PSP Hacks - PSP Slim Hacks
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