1. quicky008

    Issue with DLink 2520u adsl modem-firmware getting hacked repeatedly.

    I have a Dlink 2520u adsl modem that's used for internet access on my bsnl bb connection-however the modem has been acting rather strangely of late and tends to get disconnected from the internet every 10-15 mins(even though there's no fault in my connection or phone line).The stock modem that...
  2. Flake

    Wifi Router with dd-wrt support

    I have been using Asus RT-N13U B1 router for last 4-5 years. It stopped working last and I am looking for new router. dd-wrt supported router database is not much help. Has anyone using any router with dd-wrt or openwrt firmware? I need a router with USB support for torrenting. Please suggest a...
  3. TechnoBOY

    what is the use of updating android firmware ?? :-?

    i heard of many complaints after updating the android os version or firmware like the battery back up has reduced i know there are many pros but why dont they provide the option to restore to older version if they face many problems :-? :|
  4. K

    Help needed..... installing OPEN-WRT in Western DIgital ROuter mynet n750....

    Hello guys, I got WD mynet n750 Dual band Router ... But i got stuck while installing Open WRT to it...( It doesn't support DD-wrt but it does support open wrt) Sorry Im "Technically" illiterate ....:mrgreen: so I really need to know the process step by step and like a child ..... I...
  5. M

    finding firmware version of rooted samsung S2 GT 19100

    how to find the firmware version of a rooted samsung s2 GT 19100? actually,I want to unroot the phone.
  6. akhilc47

    Lumia black update help please

    Hi guys, I've a lumia 720 and I wish to update it to latest black. The problem is I don't have a wifi or 3g. Previously for the amber update I used nokia NSU retail software. But it is not showing any new updates now. Still showing the same firmware (1334.0001 or something like that). I have a...
  7. D

    GS4 latest firmware

    anyone here can provide torrent links for the latest i9500 firmware(4.4.2) for india. Due to slow speed downloading via servers cant be resumed. MODS if this is illegal you can delete my thread:mrgreen: BTW what is the difference between russian and indian firmware.
  8. D

    Update rooted s4?

    Model no i9500 Jb 4.3 I want to install updates without unrooting or reinstalling stock firmware
  9. G

    Repairing emmc of the galaxy tab 7.7?

    Hello, to all of you. Actually, I have a Galaxy tab 7.7, some days ago, It went into the bootloop problem, I tried to factory reset it, then I tried to update its firmware, everything was done successfully, but when the tab restarts it shows the same problem and all the data is present, some...
  10. funskar

    Anyone using Bsnl wimax & need auto connect config or firmware contact here

    Anyone using Bsnl wimax & need auto connect config or firmware contact here .. Just tell the model name of your wimax outdoor cpe & screenshot of the admin login .. I will provide auto connect config or firmware ..
  11. C

    Urgently need new long range router

    I urgently need a router for my home (2000 sqft 2 floors)... It needs to be long range... The current one I have (Huawei WA1003A) is not good enough for signal strength in many parts of the house... I would like a router with inbuilt modem... My budget is around Rs. 4k If possible, I...
  12. TheMost

    PS3 vs PC gaming (opinion)

    I am a casual PC gamer and my brother is 12 years old.I live in chennai. Recently i got my Geforce GTX 260 burnt up and so not gaming for the past 3 months. My brother is keeping on bugging me to buy a PS3 for him ( he says he wants to play games sitting in sofa instead sitting straight on a...
  13. S

    Flashing n13uB1 FW to DD-WRT

    Hi Friends, Purchased a new N13U B1 router. I am thinking to upgrade the stock firmware to DD-WRT. At DD-WRT site's router database it displays the Build : 17027 supported by n13u but the release date is 12-05-2011. Please confirm is this the latest firmware. Thanks
  14. gameranand

    Upgrading Firmware of TP-Link W8968

    Guys I received my router yesterday and BSNL guys have not came to me yet for Internet Connection so I am thinking about upgrading the Firmware before that. Please guide me how to do that, I mean I just have to connect the Router using the LAN RJ45 cable and power chord to Router and thats it...
  15. sandyss

    Anndroid on Samsung Star wifi

    Can i somehow install any android os(even android 2) on my samsung Star wifi (GT-5233w) ??? Or how can i update its firmware...??? Can you explain the steps please:-D
  16. ratul

    [CFW] Anyone having experience in Netgear N150 WGR614v10?

    Ok, so today i cross-flashed my WGR614v10's firmware to the latest WNR1000v3's firmware, working good and new interface looks cool.. :P But does anyone have any experience of flashing Tomato's or DD-WRT's firmware to this router?? If yes, please post the guide for doing the same.. :wink:
  17. veddotcom

    Anyone using TP-Link W8961ND | Firmware Issue

    After Reading lots of good reviews Today i bought TP-Link W8961ND to replace my old Binatone ADSL router. I shocked when i saw the firmware installed on TP-Link router is of Binatone, Snapshot below. confirm me guys is that a genuine product or i should go for replacement.
  18. L

    HELP!!!! Note 2 won't connect to WiFi

    Note 2 won't no longer connect to WiFi after updating tot he latest firmware - 4.1.2. Keeps telling me weak signal and refuses to obtain IP address, it does not even register as a connected device on my modem configuration page. Point is it was working fine prior to me updating to the latest...
  19. O

    My asus rt-n16 stopped working after firmware upgrade!!!

    My 2 months old asus rt-n16 was perfectly until yesterday night when i uploaded to latest firmware Version from Version I was upgrading wirelessly, it upgraded successfully after which it said to reboot the router manually. After i did that router stopped working...
  20. gsmsikar

    zte zxdsl-531b

    can anyone help me on how to update the firmware of this modem ? where can i get the latest firmware?
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