1. P

    Suggestion in buying handheld console?

    Dear friends, I want to buy a handheld console for playing GBA games. Will it be okay to buy the Mitashi Game-In Play-On(Handheld Games, Hand held Player Game-in Playon compatible with 32Bit cartridges) or should I go with the nintendo gba sp? Does nintendo provide any warranty for its products...
  2. T

    Want help - psp

    hey , i have a psp 3004 with firmware 6.60.. plz can ne one help me in playing gba roms on it.... an emulator compatible with the firmware..
  3. lethalweaponforever

    Game Boy Advance

    Just discovered a 2 yr old GBA SP Platinum with me...can nyone suggest some good games for it....How much will a flash cartridge cost for GBA( that is something like a pen drive for a GBA) Anything i can do to tweak its performance or something???
  4. MetalheadGautham

    GameBoyAdvance Flash Cartridge

    I owned a GBA SP which I gave to my younger sister an year back. The problem is that its games are pretty costly. Also, homebrews are not playable in it. So I decided to find a workaround. I heard about the FlashCartridges for the GBA which can be connected via a cable to the PC, and ROMs can...
  5. S

    Pokemon Ruby GBA Rom

    Guys, can i know where i can download the pokemon gba rom. Please help.
  6. Orionz

    Gameboy Advance Lovers?

    :( If There is any GBA Lover,Plz Help Me. sooo!!!!! I Create Some slideshows For GBA But the prob. is how i create own slideshow card,for watching on gba console.
  7. tarey_g

    What's Showing at the E3 2005

    Here's a list of games that have been announced to be showcased at this years E3. While this is only a list of games that have been officially announced, the games that are going to be showcased at this year's E3 certainly aren't limited to these. . 2K Games Charlie and the...
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