1. reddead

    Moto G 3rd Gen or Redmi Note 3

    Hey guys, I am planning to buy a new mobile and i am really confused between Moto G 3rd gen and Redmi Note 3... I was all for Moto unless Redmi was released. Though i know that redmi wins on paper on all aspects but i really really hate MIUI OS. I am currently using a redmi note 4g and i...
  2. papul1993

    Need an Android phone below 10k

    Hi, I had a Xolo Q700 which died after a little over a year. So I am looking for my next phone. My primary requirement is that it is android and has good dev support so that I can try out different ROMs and root. My budget is max 10k. I wish to stay away from brands like Xolo, Micromax etc...
  3. T

    Recommended ROM's for Galaxy Grand

    I need some recommended non-touchwiz ROMs for my Galaxy Grand. (4.4) Also, do I need to root the phone first? Instructions please. Its fully stock.
  4. funkysourav

    Need help deciding between LG Nitro HD , LG Escape P870 ,Pantech Flex and Pantech Burst

    Hi guys, I need help deciding between these 3 phones LG Nitro HD (13.5k Rs. landing price) LG Nitro HD - Full phone specifications Best Screen 326 ppi, Moderate Hardware, Excellent Modder/Dev support on XDA,Multiple stable Roms, Great Camera, Has Jellybean (from dev/mods) Not quite new as its a...
  5. M

    Need a Mobile below 10k

    1. Budget?-Below 10k 2. Display type and size?-3.2-3.5 would be enough 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip?Bar 4. Preferred choice of brand?Sony,Htc 5. Preferred input method (QWERTY, touchscreen, numpad, touch-n-type).Touchscreen 6. What camera option you want? Please specify need for flash...
  6. RCuber

    Cheap Dev phone?

    Hey guys, this is not a Buying Advice thread, but I was wondering if a dev cannot afford a Nexus device what would be his cheapest phone to work with for developing ROMS and mods. ?? cause sometime I want to experiment with ROMS, but cant afford to do that on my primary device .. this is...
  7. gohan89

    Need opinion on iBerry and WickedLeaks!!!!

    I was amazed to see the iberry Auxus X2 3G and the newly released WickedLeak Wammy Magnus being priced at such a sweet spot bringing awesome performance for a very reasonable price which makes me look away from brands like Samsung.They seem too good to be true!!!! :shock: But still I am hesitant...
  8. S

    Is Optimus 4X HD worth buying now ???

    Hi, I need a new phone for around 20k, and HS18 is giving away the LG Optimus 4X HD for 21k today. Should I buy it or wait for new phones ? My only concern is if there are updates or custom roms available for it, as I don't want to be stuck on ICS for next few years. Also how is HS18's service ?
  9. vamsi_krishna

    Xperi U thread

    I guess there are few users who are using Xperia U. Lets discuss about the phone here. Btw, any one tried ROMs based on new FXP 201?
  10. R

    Root Sucessful but how to install CM9 ?

    Hello there I succesfully Rooted my phone.. I want to install CM9 as my first custom ROM,I'm looking for good battery life. Any other suggestions are most welcome. I need links or videos on how to install CM9 Custom ROM. Does Installing Custom ROMs Brick phones? I mean when Installing...
  11. pmkarun

    Suggestions for new Tablet/Mobile

    Hi All, I am planning to get a good mobile or tablet.. Using that i am planning to learn the terms like rooting, custom roms etc etc... So kindly suggest me a tablet/phone for serving this purpose.. Budget: preferably less than 10K
  12. omega44-xt

    Problem rooting Galaxy Y

    When I try to root my Samsung Galaxy Y, by using "update from SD card" option present in Recovery Mode, an error appears stating that "Can't mount SD card". I have tried using a different SD too but still no solution. How can I get my phone rooted ?? I'm a beginner in rooting & using custom...
  13. S

    Questions about Rooting & Installing Custom Roms

    Hello every1...i bought Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 few days back came with Gingerbread 2.3.6 & i upgraded it to ICS through kies... Now i want to root my device & try some custom roms ..i read this thread already by Sam...
  14. kiranm516

    What to know to do Android rooting and custom ROMs

    Hi i am a newbie to the android world and i am a cs student and i wanted to know what i need to know for doing rooting, custom rom's porting etc, like cyanogen-mod. Creating my own rom's etc... -> DO i need to know about embedded systems -> Or any hardware related stuff -> i know programming...
  15. MatchBoxx

    SE Xperia Mini query!

    How's the gaming performance of Xperia Mini?? (without rooting and custom ROMs) any other alternative around this budget??
  16. T

    Want help - psp

    hey , i have a psp 3004 with firmware 6.60.. plz can ne one help me in playing gba roms on it.... an emulator compatible with the firmware..
  17. Rohan_B

    Android Queries

    1)Just heard about the Xperia Ray. Looks awesome!! So do you think it will be a good phone guys?? Here is a video by Sony Ericsson showing the features- ElM3Kbcg_qY What will you think will be its price in India and when will it launch in India?? 2) Is the Indian Version of the Nexus S(Super...
  18. P

    merits and demerits of custom ROMs

    friends thanks to digit to start a new sub section . i dont know much about custom roms(cooking or building them) but used many of them from xda forum. why not we discuss the merits and demerits of these custom roms like by using custom roms we can remove crap wares of the original rom BUT...
  19. C

    pc restarts when connect kodak camera

    i got this new kodak M873. when ever i connect it to shows camera name dectected and then suddenly it restarts..i hav amd x2 3600+ and asus MB..i hav 2 cd roms..i guess theres sum power problem from smps..if i disconnect 2 cd roms will it work? wats da problem?
  20. g_goyal2000

    Strange HDD problem

    Hi guys. I recently got my Samsung hard disk replaced (about 1 half month to be exact), model no. SP0802N, 80 GB PATA IDE. They gave me a brand new HDD as replacement on request. I have set the HDD as primary master, is connected to an 80-pin cable/ribbon. I have 2 ROMS connected as secondary...
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