wana buy 4gb pendrive, plz suggest

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The cheapest 4 gb pen drives are available for 450-500. But I won't suggest you to go for them. Go for Sandisk Cruzer Contour or Corsair Voyager series. I will recommend Corsair more. I am using it for the past few months and it has really fast performance.

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Sandisk is what I'd suggest. Or your could go for the Transcend Jetflash series. Both offer good performance.


if you want low cost u cud also go for iball

been using a 2GB for 3-4 years now, no issues

good data transfer speed


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Are you going to use it casually or store 'critical' information on it?

If you will be storing critical data on it, I suggest you buy one with advanced protection such as fingerprint protection! I have one fingerprint protected pendrive from Adata. Ofcourse it costly, Rs. 650/- for 1 GB, but its worth for the peace of mind it gives me when I am traveling in crowded trains and buses. Earlier, I used to check every 5 mins if the drive is there in my pocket or not! Besides, its a cool thing to impress your friends ;)


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no-one considering Corsair here ?? Corsair Flash Voyager for 800-900bucks I think.

(Not the GT version........that costs a fortune :D).


if all you are looking for is a drive for normal use such as transferring movies from pc to pc :D i guess you can go for a transcend jetflash one...

but dont go for kingston...i found it slower than transcend !!

dunno much about scandisk ones...
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