wana buy 4gb pendrive, plz suggest

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if all you are looking for is a drive for normal use such as transferring movies from pc to pc :D i guess you can go for a transcend jetflash one...

but dont go for kingston...i found it slower than transcend !!

dunno much about scandisk ones...
I don't think like that way. Infact, from my experience Transcend are slower than Kingston !


In my opinion, anything except the Transcend Jetflash V30 series will do you justice

Words cannot define how much of a bad experience I have had with the V30 series over a fairly large number of units (10+) - the speed is just way too slow. And on some units the speed actually seemed to get worse over time......

Personally I have had good experiences with Kingston and SanDisk products when it comes to USB Flash drives. Corsair is great, if you can find it in stock :)


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my frnd got a 4 GB pendrive @ Rs 465/- from Nehru Place , Delhi. Make : Transcend..
Can't be cheaper than that. :) :lol:
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