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[Vortez]NZXT Phantom 410 Review


I liked the sidepanel on the outgoing model. But that doesn't mean this ain't hot too. Ah!
Looks awesome as usual.
Jaskanwar Singh

Jaskanwar Singh

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which is your favourite guys?
mine, white.


BMG ftw!!
Pros: Good design, extending phantom to mid-tower, usb3.0

Cons: reduced number of included fans, no dust filter for side fan slot :shock:

Introductory price: good.
I'm liking the white one. :)


£84.99 / $99.99 / €99.90

Introductory price: good.

Dude Look at the prices, do you think its justified for a Mid tower like NZXT phantom 410 ????

IMO Corsair Carbide 500r is far & far better than this crap & its priced less than 90 Euros.

If you straight away convert into INR then, you can easily add few more thousands & you can get the NZXT phantom Full tower or the new HAF 932 with USB 3.0.


BMG ftw!!
^^ If you compare the price with its big brother, Phantom, then it is higher than the expected price. But looking inot the present situation of global market, a slightly higher price makes sense, right? :unsure:
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