1. koolent

    Bad RAM Slot?

    So, the other day, I pressed the power button and the fans spinned the way they are supposed to but, they kept spinning that way. No ups and downs in speeds. So, I switched the power off and back on, same story again. So I spanked the chassis to the side and it worked. It went on for...
  2. prabhu.wali

    Chassis for NAS

    Hi fellas, I m thinking of building a NAS and i was looking for chassis to house at least 4-5 drive days similar to a drobo any suggestions?since m unable to find one :-?
  3. ramharis

    Which way to go AMD or Intel for Gaming less than 25K

    Hi guys Iam upgrading my old HP Pavilion t630i machine and iam not sure which of the below configuration to go My Budget - 25 to 28k (max, not a penny more. Total budget 30K, need 2K for Windows 8 Pro upgrade purchase) Chassis, HDD and Monitor using the old one. Config 1: Intel i5 3570 Intel...
  4. I

    Chassis < 2.5k with filters?

    Hey guys, I want a new chassis, for my new gaming rig, under 2.5k. I have a lot of dust problem in my house so please suggest chassis with dust filters. All the cases on flipcart and other popular sites do not have dust filters for under 3k. The first one I found was CM Elite 430 at 3.3k. Any...
  5. d6bmg

    Cosmos II released!!

    Full news here: Cooler Master releases 'Cosmos II' chassis Personally I think it will kick HAF-X out.
  6. S

    CoolerMaster Elite 334 front fan install help.

    I bought a CoolerMaster Standard 120mm fan to install as a front intake fan in my CM Elite334 cabby.I am confused whether I should install it: a) between internal metal chassis and front panel.(blue) b) inside internal metal chassis.(red) I find it easy to fix inside metal chassis. Also I...
  7. Jaskanwar Singh

    [Vortez]NZXT Phantom 410 Review

    NZXT Phantom 410 Review - Introduction Another Review - NZXT Phantom 410 - Chassis - Review -
  8. prabhu.wali

    New chassis old pc :P

    Cooler Master 690II Plus hi fellas m looking for a new chassis and have chosen cm 690II plus,any inputs??
  9. Chaitanya

    Chassis fan trouble

    My problem is that my chassis fan keeps spinning @ ~2950 rpm, needless to say it makes noise like a jet engine:-x... Anyone has idea how 2 decrease it?? or do i need 2 replace it(but i dont think so because it worked fine with my old mobo & PSU)??:?::?: CONFIG: INTEX 450W PSU ASUS P5QPL-AM...
  10. sysfilez

    Review my last eve purchase

    Mobo - Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H CPU - AMD Phenom II X6 1055 GPU - Powercolor HD5850 (COD Edition) RAM - Corsair XMS3 2*2gb DDR3 at 2000mhz HDD - Seagate 1TB Chassis - Cooler Master Elite 430 Black PSU - Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus 600W
  11. giprabu

    Temperature is shooting up.... Help me guyz...

    look at this .. are those temp. in yellow color indicate "danger" ..? what the cpu0, cpu1 and cpu2 denote..? the above situation occurs when playing any games.. and also the chassis speed of 6550 rpm is a bit noisy.. but when the a/c is turned on, the hdd temp goes down below 38 degrees and...
  12. Manickaraj

    New ASUS P5QL-CM chassis intrusion detection problem

    I bought this mobo last week. It has chassis intrusion detection system and this system displays a fatal error stating that chassis intrusion detected. I know the use of this system so dont explain all those stuffs. Pls give me a solution. There is no info abt this in the manual...
  13. Ranjya

    Chassis gives shock:-(

    I assembled my first PC. I was expecting studs or spacers along with cabby. iball does not give..........only with grabit I hear. iball mobo panel also cannot be removed. Mounting holes have elevation. This is suposed to solve the issue of spacers/studs. But my chassis and all mounting...
  14. narangz

    Chassis Intrusion, Fan, SMPS Fan configuration, AMD Away Mode

    Hello, I want to know how can I configure the chassis fans & smps fan so that their speed is shown in ASUS PC Probe or Lavalys. Currently they show 0 for chassis fans & SMPS fan. I have 3 fans connected to Molex connectors. Two on the side & one on the back of the cabinet. They didn't come...
  15. ashstud_83

    Power req 4 the given config.

    hey guys,i just assembled a system..the config's given below...let me know the power rating of the SMPS i shud get 4 this rig...the min. required for it 2 run smoothly...thanx... Intel Core2Duo@3.14Ghz Intel 945GCCR M/B nvidia 8600GT 'Fatality' Edition(256MB) 2Gb DDR2 RAM(533Mhz)-Hynix 160GB...
  16. gxsaurav

    HP Blackbird : Gaming rig & what not

    Taken from Dailytech HP's new Blackbird 002 is the result of the a year's worth of collaboration with Voodoo PC HP and Voodoo PC are set to unveil the fruition of their efforts after the acquisition of Voodoo PC in the form of a new enthusiast oriented gaming machine next week – the...
  17. john_the_ultimate

    Help in buying chassis.

    I want to buy this GIGABYTE chassis: * Or maybe coolermaster ATX full tower. I am staying in KOLKATA, so any dealer/distributor details wud be helpful. My friend stays in Bangalore , so if any of u people cud even...
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