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UT2007 Quake4 Age of Empires

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Thnx , gr8 links and news pal !
Waitin for AOE 3 - Pir of course....

Cool : SUPERB GPHX in AOE 3, truly a microsoft work....
My mouth's waterin .....


Wise Old Owl
truly a microsoft work....

thats a very important point of concern ... i hope they dont release security updates for AoE3 ....

And i'm really looking forward to what the unreal3 engine can do .....


Broken In
ya, the screenshots of AOE 3 look gr8, but by setting it in 16-17th century, they have taken some charm out of it which was in AOE 2. It looks a bit modern. I mean cannons don't give the charm of trebuchet. Same with gunpowder infantry.
Also RTS fans, see the screenshots of Rise of Nations Legends from www.gamespot.com
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