1. avinandan012

    Age Of Empires II HD

    Anyone playing Age Of Empires II HD?? AOE II is my favourite game till date
  2. Nipun

    Games I should have?

    I have purchased a new computer system(actually I will receive it tomorrow) with AMD Athlon II x4, 4GB RAM and Sapphire HD 6850. I guess most(READ: all) of the games will run on the PC, but I was thinking which games will I have? This is what I currently have on the list: GTA IV Crysis 2...
  3. A

    Uninstall Problem

    I have the following system specs: Win XP Pro SP2, 1GB RAM, Intel Celeron@2.13Ghz. I had installed Age of Empires 3 and then AOE3 The Warchiefs (an expansion). I thought it would install the warchiefs in another folder. so I had created this directory: E:/Games/AOE3/ The Warchiefs. but it...
  4. ferrarisagar

    Age Of Empires Not Starting

    i've updated my system with amd 4800+ processor 2gb ram ..whenever i try to play Age Of Empires I get an error.. "could not initialize graphics system.make sure that your video card driver are compatible with DirectDraw" what it is ?? plz help..
  5. A

    Age of Empires 3 : Warchiefs running slow

    Hello guys please help me. Age of Empires 3 : Warchiefs running slow on my PC while The Asian Dynasties is running smothely. Warchiefs runs slow and I don't know why. Can you tell me why? Processor : 2.4 GHz RAM : 1 GB Motherboard : D101GGC with onboard gfx 256 Mb OS : Win XP SP2 Game ...
  6. chesss

    age of empires 3 question

    Hey just started playing aoe 3 . Sort of disappointed coz its more like a sequel to mythology and not conquerors . I have absolutely adored age of empiers 1 and age of empires 2. Have some questions 1. attack points and other details of of various units are hidden. why??? this seems...
  7. ajayritik

    Can someone suggest nice strategy games similiar to Age of Empires?

    Please suggest me games which are similiar to Age of Empires. I mean strategy games like Empire Earth etc. I'm Sorry if this question has been posted already!
  8. S

    Help With Age Of Empires II

    I recently bought an Age Of Empires Collector's Edition DVD. While music does play in the background for Age Of Empires I And Rise Of Rome Expansion, I cannot hear music play in the background for Age Of Empires 2: Age Of Kings and The Conqueror's Expansion. Can Anyone tell me where the music...
  9. g_goyal2000

    New Age of Empires 3 Expansion

    Hi guys. Check this out. Microsoft is going to release a new expansion for Age of Empires 3. *www.gamespot.com/pc/strategy/ageofempiresiiitheasiandynasties/news.html?sid=6170888&tag=nl.e579
  10. T

    Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties Announced

    Gamespot :- *www.gamespot.com/pc/strategy/ageofempiresiiitheasiandynasties/news.html?sid=6170888
  11. R

    Age of empires 3 runs fine without graphics card

    Dear friends, I have an AMD Athlon 64 3000+ socket 754(bad performer) processor. motherboard is Asus K8V-MX with 32 mb onboard graphics memory with Asus K8M800 chipset and 256 MB of ram. speed is very slow but Microsoft Age of Empires 3 runs smoothly without any glitches and without...
  12. 7monk

    Age Of Empires 3

    i need cheat of AGE OF EMPIRES 3.IF any body knows plz replay.
  13. S

    Age of Empires 3 Tweaks plz

    Hey, I want some tweaks for age of empires 3 to run smoothly as same as NFS MW. Please. i wanna make aoe3 run smoother.
  14. S

    Age of Empires 2 : The conquerors expansion

    I have purchased age of empires collector's edition, and installed aoe2 conquerors expansion. The problem is when i start the game and click on the single player, it prompts to insert the game cd even after i kept the cd in the drive. please help me.
  15. Dark Star

    Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs

    Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs is the new expansion pack for the best-selling real-time strategy (RTS) title of 2005, Age of Empires III from Ensemble Studios and Microsoft Game Studios. Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs will engage gamers of all ages and types in epic warfare in the Americas...
  16. M

    Age of empires. my pc's of 18th century

    my pc's config is as follows 915glvg board with 2.66ghz PIV 512MB Ram 128MB onboard intel GMA rest is 80 gb sata ................ I installed age of empires III on my pc it runs fine until i play myself i.e. do not attack or defend when i do so (state of war) the game becomes damn slow...
  17. q3_abhi

    Age of Empires III

    Have any one tried it??? Can any1 tell me how it is??? Shall i go for it?? System Requirements???? :?:
  18. Official Techie

    age of empires released th etrial version can be downloaded

  19. P

    UT2007 Quake4 Age of Empires

    Some forthcoming game previews and videos :) Age of Empires III *pc.ign.com/objects/721/721644.html Unreal Tournament 2007 *pc.ign.com/objects/746/746632.html QUAKE 4 *pc.ign.com/objects/016/016856.html
  20. anshul

    Age of empires problem

    Hello everybody I got my hands again on Age of empires gold edition. But this time I faced a problem. Blocks appear in place of words in the main menu and in the place of buttons. Also I have to put my CD in the drive each time I play.This was not the case last time. I had encountered similar...
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