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i just want to download youtube playlist, anything extension or standalone software will be fine

If you're comfortable using a CLI client, take a look at youtube-dl

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Usage :

youtube-dl -f <format> <playlistID>

(Playlisy ID Highlighted in URL)


(Youtube-dl in action)



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ok got the 4K downloader, working good for me, just copy and paste and it will download all videos at the fastest speed possible


Listary is a unique search utility for Windows. Not only does it make file browsing truly flexible -- thanks to its multi-file managers support -- but the ultra-compact UI also redefines minimalism. The lightweight design doesn't stop it from providing various advanced features however, that may fit the needs of both casual and power users alike. All you have to do is just type the file name that you’re looking for, and Listary will display the search results at breakneck speed.
Listary - Softpedia review
Listary - Official website


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bitdefender total security 2015 6 months license give away here
Free Bitdefender 2015
the website is in german though.


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FrostWire - BitTorrent Client and Cloud File Downloader.

In-App Search - Just type your keyword and go! FrostWire connects to many different torrent search engines and websites to find the files you are looking for - all in one place.

Fast and Easy Downloads - Download any file with one click. On desktop, you can even hand-pick single files from torrent transfers or preview files from cloud sources before you download.

Media Player & Library - Easily access, browse and play all your media in one place. Including gesture-based audio player for Android!

FrostWire and Sharing files over Wi-Fi - Whether you want to transfer files to your phone, share them with just your friends over local wi-fi or create a torrent to share with the entire world - we’ve got you covered. Official Site - BitTorrent App, Media Player, Wi-Fi Sharing. 100% Free Download, No subscription required.


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[h=3]Speccy[/h] *
Maybe you've forgotten what kind of RAM you bought, or want a quick glance at your CPU's temperature. Speccy scans your machine and gives you a complete rundown of everything, from model numbers to temperatures, fan speeds, S.M.A.R.T. status, and...well, pretty much anything else you can think of. It's also available in portable form, so you don't have to install anything—just stick it in a folder for when you really need it. For an alternative, check out HWiNFO.

It's an open source PHP application for quickly generating dummy data for database. It includes several built in data types such as addresses, number ranges, email addres, etc and supports a large variety of output formats including JSON, SQL, XML, etc.


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As the thread title says it's for useful freewares so quality plays an important role here rather than quantity ;)
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