Urgent - need mobo for i5 2400 !


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If you want a i5-2400 rig for 40k then get:
i5-2400 -- 9.3k
Intel DH67BL-B3 -- 5.7k
Total --- 15k

You save 7k more from your previous rig mentioned above.


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For Asus motherboard, the choices are:
Asus P8Z68-V Motherboard @ 12.6k
Asus Maximus IV GENE-Z @ 12.7k

Asus Maximus IV GENE-Z @ 12.7k would be a better choice if you are more into OCing. Moreover it comes bundled with Kaspersky Antivirus licensed for 1 year. Though you would be loosing Bluetooth (your are supposed to get in Asus P8Z68-V), but for OCers this is very good choice.
For an overall performance you can go with Asus P8Z68-V.

Again changed your mind to 50k+ i hope!!:lol:
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karthik316_1999, I think you are missing one point while asking for Asus Z68 based mobo....there is no use of a Z68 mobo unless you are buying a K series processor. 2400 cannot be overcloked...no matter which motherboard you're using. 2500K (10.5K) + MSI Z68-GD55 (@ 8.7K) = 19.2K is the minimum price for getting a K series processor and a Z68 mobo. 1st make up your mind about the K series processor.


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karthik316_1999, get Corsair GS600W. Although corsair vx 450 and Seasonic bronze 520 have better build quality and efficieny, they can just produce 500W (for VX450) or 550W(Seasonic Bronze 520) power. On the other hand GS600 has above average build quality, 80+ efficieny and 600W power output. So overall it is a better buy sicne it will enable you to add more components without changing the PSU.


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@ cilus..
That's a good suggestion there.. but assuming I dont plan on much of upgrading in the future.. the vx450w should suffice right ?

In fact, earlier when talking abt an AMD build of 955be+6850, v had freezed on the cx430 !
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