1. sling-shot

    Where can I get 5 - 6 year old AMD CPUs?

    I have an old desktop with AM2 socket. The present CPU Athlon X2 3600+ is too slow even on XP for present day needs but a processor around twice as fast will be alright for my present requirement. As I am not willing to spend much for a new system or upgrade the present one too much, can I just...
  2. src2206

    Laptop requirement for Photo editing

    Hello friends I mainly work on a DT which I am planning to upgrade after Ryzen is launched. In the meantime I need to buy a Laptop to continue my work while I am away from my DT. The details are as follows: 1) What is your budget? (INR) <=35000/- 2) What size & weight consideration (if any)...
  3. krishnandu.sarkar

    Telephoto Lens For Nikon D5200

    Hello, Currently I'm using 18-55 Kit lens and 35mm. I'm very happy with the Kit lens considering myself a beginner. And 35mm produces great results, but at some situations, I fail to produce great results with it, ofcourse due to my lack. But both of them are incapable of capturing close-up's...
  4. M

    Bluetooth Earphones/headphones for gym purpose

    Hi, I need a good bassy bluetooth head/ear phones in 2k range (Mic not a requirement) for primarily working out. Please suggest me one. Thanks and regards, Mandar
  5. vedula.k95

    Selecting GPU for my System. @+/-Rs.8000

    Hello everyone, few months back i started this thread named "Making a system @16-17,000". Getting a reasonable reply thanks to both deathblade and adityak469, i finally bought this system. :-? Pentium G3220 Gigabyte H81M-S1 HyperXFury 4GB WD Blue 1TB Any local Cabinet w/o PSU Antec...
  6. coolnikhil

    New mobile within 12k budget for dad

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a new mobile for my dad. He is using an iPhone 5c and is in need for a secondary smartphone in around 10-12k budget. Camera quality is not an issue but he needs a phone which is slim and fast and which wont lag on normal usage. There are no other requirements as such...
  7. A

    Require a Headset with mic within Rs 500

    Hi guys Any suggestion on which headset I can buy for rs 500 with mic. Only requirement is it should be In-ear.
  8. shivkumar

    Planning to purchase a new mobile; Budget : 18000/-

    Hi digitians, I am planning to purchase a new mobile, budget is 18k. I want to buy from reputed brand and not go with Indian brand. My primary requirements are: Superb camera with good low light performance, good signal reception, good battery and lagless operation. Currently, I am considering...
  9. Ronnie11

    Budget Desktop pc for 20k Max

    Hey guys, So i am helping a friend of mine who is looking to buy a new computer just for entry work and internet.It is for his own company and he doesnt want any gaming or anything whatsoever.His requirement will basically be using the microsoft office and internet browsing and some data entry...
  10. B

    Watchdogs PC Specs!! :O

    WTF ?? Leaked Watch Dogs PC specifications state 64-bit OS requirement - :((
  11. Subro

    Want to purchase a good headset around 8-10K

    hey guys, your help is required. I want to purchase a good headset, which will be used for gaming, movies, music, etc. My budget is 8K but I can extend to 10K, if some good headset is available. I don't know which brands will be good for my requirement due to the plethora of options...
  12. thecoolguy02

    DSLR within 35K

    Hi... I am looking for a DSLR for ard 35K... m using Nikkon P510 right now... I dnt know much abt cams and want to replace my oldcam... My basic requirement is just a good photo indoor as wellas outdoor… Plz suggest me guys…
  13. R

    Best processor for LGA775 socket for Windows 8 upgrade

    I've a couple of old computers running a very old processor that doesn't support NX. I've installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview on them and they run fine. However, I cannot upgrade to the final Windows 8 as the processor doesn't support NX, which is a requirement. There doesn't seem to be any way...
  14. P

    Laptop under 40k - vmware, Linux programming

    Hi friends, Please suggest a good laptop for my requirement. I plan to purchase 2 laptops (For my friend too) of same requirement within this week. 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 30 - 40k 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream...
  15. havoknation

    [HELP] Unique Client Requirement

    Hi All, Today I have received a call from one of my client which is actually an architect company. Please take a look at his requirement : --> : They will take 3 HD pics from 3 different cameras and pic would be covering 180 degrees area for eg they will take a panoramic image from left to...
  16. I

    Budget 15k->4 inch ->dual Core-> 5 mp cam-> ICS 4 ?

    Hi All, I m planning to buy a android phone with the below requirement .My budget is 15 .5 k max(Fixed) 1) 4 inch best in class screen (Must) 2) Single or Dual core 3) Rear cam 8 mp and front cam ( both cam are mandatory but 5 mp can also do) 4) Memory is not a issue i am ok...
  17. abhinav_bipnesh

    Suggestion for NAS

    Hi Guys, I was looking for NAS or similar storage device which can be accessed over cloud in secure way. The prime requirement for such a solution is to host a set of sites like redmine, review board i.e. a collaborative environment for a group which is distributed. The reason for looking NAS...
  18. Abhishek_Z

    Best Laptop Around 60k ?

    Hi everyone I wanted to get the best laptop around 60k. Requirements: Processor :Only 3rd Gen Intel Processor RAM : 6 GB or More Connectivity : Must have Wi-FI, BT and HDMI Graphics Card : Atleast 1.5 GB or more Special Requirement #1 : Must be upgrade-able to Win 8. Special...
  19. A

    Please suggest digicam under 6000?

    Hi guys. I am lookin to buy a digicam under 6K & my only requirement is good picture clarity even in under light conditions.
  20. C

    PC or laptop configyrations for using Autocad and 3ds max..... basically interior design

    PC or laptop configurations for using Autocad and 3ds max..... basically interior design Hi Guys, Require ur help on buying a pc or laptop for autocad and 3ds max app's to run properly.... as my pc at home does hang when rendering begins.... please adivce any desktop or laptop available...
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