1. Chetan1991

    [Query] Should I send Cowon EM1s for replacement or fix'em myself?

    My Cowon EM1s failed after a measly 5 months, pieces of cr@p, even though I took good care of them. It seems the wire has detached from the 3.5mm connector. I sent the Cowon people a mail to claim warranty and replied asking me to ship the earphones to them to Mumbai to check them. My...
  2. audiophilic

    Twinwoofers M2 - The Best Smartphone Headset You Can Buy in India

    I'm a big fan of the Tekfusion - Indian based company releasing high-quality audiophile products. I recently read that Tekfusion has finally released the new edition of their smartphone headsets, and it's called Twinwoofers M2 Headset. Here's some details about this headset...
  3. G

    Balanced earphones for around ₹600-700. Suggestions?

    Hi forum members, I'm back after a long time. In 2016 I had purchased this Mi basic earphones for around ₹300. I bought 2 of them. Both of them got ruined after 1year with the left earbud sounding more than right earbud. Both had The same problem. I have Samsung in ear which are running for 6...
  4. C

    How do Amazon Basics in-ear earphones sound?

    Has anybody heard these? AmazonBasics In-Ear Headphones with universal mic: Amazon.in: Electronic how do these sound?
  5. B

    IEMs under 3K (for Electronic Music)

    I'm looking for iems with decent bass(not OP), non-recessed mids and treble that isn't harsh. I listen to techno,ambient,dreampop so mids are equally important as the thump. Currently considering Vsonic VSD3/S and Soundmagic E10C. Can you suggest the best one for my taste?
  6. A

    need earphones under rs.500

    need earphones under rs.500 need non in-ear small ears to watch tv series n movies on laptop
  7. Ronnie11

    Looking for IEM with budget of 2000-2300

    Hey guys, My Klipsch in ear earphones finally gave away after 3 years. I am now looking for a new in ear earphones for a budget of 2000-2300. My priority over everything else has to be excellent music quality. Not a heavy bass fan. So no Sony earphones pls. Good mids & Highs.Could you please...
  8. karthikn_jay

    Need a good In-Ear Earphones under 4000 rupees

    Please suggest a good in-ear ear phone. I'm looking with these features, 1. Clear sound quality with decent bass not too heavy bassy. 2. Good for long usage. 3. Tangle-less wire. 4. With volume buttons in the wire. I've used Creative EP830 before. And currently using JBL, it has decent bass and...
  9. anky

    URGENT! Need earphones.BUdget - 2000

    Hi Guys, Need earphones for around rs 2000 for bday on 3rd march to gift to myself! :P Need to order today itself. Which type of earphones should i buy. 1. IN ear wired earphones, or 2. IN ear wireless headphones. does wired have better qaulity over wireless? Usage - In Gym...
  10. L

    Best in ear headphones (for music and movies) under Rs 3.5K?

    Recently bought Soundmagic e80s, but didn't like the treble emphasis which made them sound a little squeaky/fizzy. My usage is limited to watching movies and listening to music (prog. rock) so voice clarity is important. I don't mind a little bass emphasis but as I've learnt, higher treble kills...
  11. A

    Need a new earphone

    My old earphones have just died so i'm thinking to buy a new set of earphones, This time little cheaper, saving money to buy new headphones. I just want to buy a new earpiece under 500Rs. can you please suggest me some. I have been looking and came across these.How are these - Philips...
  12. S

    Earphones needed ( v shaped sound ) for edm

    hello friends as the title says i want earpgones for my iphone 6 .... i mostly listens to edm music ( armin , oliver helden , tiesto , deep house , progressive house etc etc ) so i need earphones with good bass and treble....My budget is around 2500 strict...thnx
  13. A

    [For Sale] 1 day old Sennheiser CX 180 for sale

    1. *Model number and details: Sennheiser CX 180 Earphones 2. *Date of purchase: 23th Oct 2015 3. Reason for sale: I want to buy some mid range earphones. 4. Warranty details: These earphones does have 2 years warranty.(remaining 2 years) 5. *Expected Price: 750 Rs. 6. *Location of Seller...
  14. AKRICK

    Best In Earphones with mic under 1000 INR

    Hi guys,I am in search of earphones for pc and my lumia 525 (Gaming when on pc and Music while on phone)........I have searched on internet I have found some products like 1. SoundMagic ES19 2. SoundMagic ES18 3. Senieser cx 180 Please suggest best one for me ?also suggest other best...
  15. M

    Sennheiser CX180 Street II or Sony MDR EX110LP or Xiaomi Piston 3

    I am not a audio geek..nor do I have any experience..my last pair was sennheiser mx 170 and i found them really good I listen to everytype of music and not a crazy bass fan but not mind having good bass supported Earphones.. I am looking for in ear Earphones and Shortlisted these 3...
  16. S

    looking for inear type of earphones for my moto g 2014

    hi all, i am on the lookout for an in ear type of earphones for my moto g 2014. it should have a mic along with a button with which i can skip or go to previous tracks and also play and pause. I have used a number of earphones in the past with a mic and button but it simply wont let me change...
  17. Z

    NEED IEM under Rs600 {BASS FREAK HERE}

    Hi,I'm looking for Good IEMs for my LG G3, I have previously owned COWON EM1(which were also suggested by thinkdigit forum nd they ROCKEDD8 -) :-D ) Now , I'm budget contrained and have to settle for ~600 earphones I found PHILLIPS SHN7500 earphones for rs600, market price around Rs2000...
  18. M

    Earphones for 2-2.5k

    hey there everyone. I recently purchased some daaku earphones which were probably the worst decision of my life. It broke after 3 months itself. I need a new set of earphones around 2 - 2.5k which give me good bass and are gymming friendly( dont come out of the ears). i was looking at yurbuds...
  19. flyingcow

    Earphones for 1.5-2.5k

    want good earphones for around 2k, any kind will do, music- no specific type, any the best iem around this pice category, thanks :)
  20. R

    Gearbest Roman S530 Bluetooth Earphones

    Find a cool things from Gearbest. Some people do a review on this product. Do you need this Roman S530 Bluetooth Earphones? I'm here to let you know this youtube. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: *www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnnwPrRRLpg
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