1. quicky008

    Require a cheap replacement for xbox 360 controller

    Today my xbox 360 wired controller,that is around 10 years old finally conked out.Its right bumper is stuck and the dpad seems to be malfunctioning-i tried opening up its innards and cleaning it but to no avail.So i seems it have to get a replacement for it now.Original xbox 360 controllers...
  2. V

    Wireless gaming mouse, headset and keyboard + Wired headset

    Hi guys, I'm planning to connect my windows tablet to the TV and play CS:GO. So I am looking to buy wireless peripherals. I do not want to spend a lot on the top-of-line stuff and I'm quite ok with cheap to mid range products. A total spend of not more than 10k for all 4 devices would be...
  3. D

    Need advice buying Gamepad !

    Hi All, I planned to buy a Gamepad for Windows PC, Please suggest me some. I can go upto 3k but I prefer wired controllers. Or is there any gamepad which comes with both wired & wireless control ? Can Sony PS controller be used for PC games ? I most often play Fifa & NFS. Thank you
  4. A

    Uncontrolled jumping of Intex wired usb mouse cursor

    How can i stop this continous up down jumping of my mouse cursor in my windows8 laptop.its wired witha usb port.This doesnt happen without the mouse ie when the mouse is removed.
  5. Raaabo

    3D printing spies

    If you're printing out designs for a prototype on a 3D printer, you could have your ideas or designs stolen. This wired article showcases examples of how people are able to recreate the design that's being printed just by recording the sounds the printer makes! The wonders of the spying world...
  6. anky

    URGENT! Need earphones.BUdget - 2000

    Hi Guys, Need earphones for around rs 2000 for bday on 3rd march to gift to myself! :P Need to order today itself. Which type of earphones should i buy. 1. IN ear wired earphones, or 2. IN ear wireless headphones. does wired have better qaulity over wireless? Usage - In Gym...
  7. bubusam13

    Wired Nvidia 3D vision Glass

    Hi guys, where can I purchase Wired Nvidia 3D vision Glass ? I m unable to find them locally and online. Wireless is available but I need the wired one.
  8. R

    Gaming/Movie Headset

    Planning to buy a headset that can be useful for FPS gaming and watching movies. Please suggest wireless and wired. Budget is around 3000rs max. Thank you
  9. $hadow

    Headphones under 4k.

    Earlier I was looking for a wireless headphone but since @TheIncinerator pointed out to me that wireless will never touch the clarity of wired headphones so here I am looking for a wired headphone which will be used for purposes like 1. Movies 2. Gaming 3. Songs Songs will be like rock,pop...
  10. S

    Need head set for XOLO Q1100

    Hi guys, I have bought a XOLO Q1100 mobile one month back. I need suggestion from U that which kind of headset is suitable for it. My budget is Rs.1000 - 2000. Wired and wireless is not a problem(prefer wired). thanks.
  11. R

    Wireless Headset for Gaming and movies.

    Helloo guyz, I need a Headset preferrably wireless for use with gaming and watching movies and TV. I sit at a distance of around 2-3Mtrs max. I doubt i'll get any wired headset with that long cord ? Not sure how much to spend but i feel 3k is more than enough. Please suggest multiple models...
  12. pritish_kul2

    Computer-> TV Output Wired/Wirelessly

    Hello guys, I have a HP T730i lying waste with a damaged HP mx704 monitor. So was thinking is it possible to output the screen to my Samsung 32" LCD TV? What are the various options available? Wired can be done using which lead? And is wireless output possible?? Help would be...
  13. doomgiver

    Need recommendations for device to facilitate voice communication.

    First of all, a bit of back (and sob) story : You see, I am suffering from a not-so-rare disease. Thats why I didnt come on TDF for the last few months. Its not genetic, and its apparently a spontaneous one, and can strike anyone at any time. It is not communicable, unless you spend too much...
  14. Q

    Best headsets for voice calling at around 1000INR?

    Greeting Digit Community. I need a pair of headsets for voice calls over skype and such. These are my primary requirements: -Long life and quality built with no parts coming loose for at least a couple of months. -A good quality noise cancelling mic -Adjustable headband -Sound...
  15. Q

    Best headsets for voice calling at around 1000INR?

    Greeting Digit Community. I need a pair of headsets for voice calls over skype and such. These are my primary requirements: -Long life and quality built with no parts coming loose for at least a couple of months. -A good quality noise cancelling mic -Adjustable headband -Sound...
  16. A

    XBox 360 Controller / gamepad for PC Windows

    Finally I have overcome my addiction from DotA2 and CS:GO, and am looking forward to play more and more games :D (YAY!!!!) Wanted to buy the XBox Wired Controller but had a few doubts in mind: 1. On Controllers - Xbox.com The price is said 2150/- But none of it's offical partners are selling...
  17. RohanM

    Buying advice - wi-fi router

    Hello all, I am using BSNL BB with wired modem since 5 years. Now I wanted my mobiles to get connected to my BB. So which wi-fi router should I get ? With modem or without (as I already having a wired one !1) I am confused. :-? what is the use of wi-fi router without modem ?? Please...
  18. U

    Problem with creative power and volume wired remote

    Hi guys.... i need an solution and advice for my problem i have creative 5.1 channel system recently my subwoofer power and volume wired remote control had got problem its not working properly i like to know wheater i can get another duplicate or original wired control remote for creative on...
  19. C

    An issue with xbox 360 wired controller

    Hi guys, It has been an year since i bought my xbox 360 wired controller also used it only like for a month but im not able to use it anymore since it doesn't work for like more than a second. This part of wire is the main issue and if i twist it a bit the green light ring shows up but...
  20. B

    sharing wired internet in laptop with samsung tablet

    i have trouble in sharing my wired network with samsung tab via my laptop.i tried so many things.set up an adhoc network,bridging,command prompt. nothings working. also hostednetwork command is not supporting. is there any application to do this? help me....
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