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Upload your Saved Games here....


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Skyrim save if anyone wants to do a quickstart.Male and Female.



Steam High Templar
mass effect 2(i will upload more soon)
Get Save_0083.pcsav on Wupload.com
mass effect 1
Paragon Male shepard
  • saved citadel council
  • did'nt kill Urdnot Wrex
  • saved Ashley,Kaidan dead
  • Rana thoptis still alive
  • gave tali a copy of data in UNC geth incursions mission
  • romanced ashley
  • let rachni queen live
  • Anderson as council representative of humanity
Mass Effect 2
Imported ME 1 shepard paragon
  • all loyalty missions completed.all squad members loyal.Zaeed joined party
  • saved tali from bieng exiled and her fathers name defamed
  • stopped kolyat(thane's son from killing turian)
  • let garrus kill sidonis
  • all squad members alive.all normandy crew members alive
  • Romanced Tali
  • let Aresh go(i think so)in jack's loyalty quest
  • rewrote heretics in legion's loyalty mission
  • completed Arrival DLC
  • destroyed collector base
  • rachni queen possesed asari and talked to shepard on illium
  • found rana thoptis with okeer told her to run away again

this shepard is my own work. the quintessential good guy/Hero
one more
Get Save_0002.pcsav on Wupload.com
Mass effect 1
male Renegade shepard
  • Romanced Ashley.
  • Saved Ashley.kaiden dead
  • Wrex is dead.
  • crappy Council's dead.
  • Udina is Councilor.
Mass Effect 2
imported renagade shepard
  • All teammates (Zaeed included) recruited.
  • All teammates loyal.
  • Samara dead.
  • Sidonis dead (Harkin was kneecapped)
  • Kal'Reegar survived.
  • Tali exonerated via speech.
  • Encouraged Quarians to attack Geth.
  • Deleted Genophage cure data; Maelon Dead.
  • Destroyed heretics
  • Let oil refinery people die. The extra 10% damage for my vindicator was worth
  • Convinced Bailey to let Thane's son do community service.
again my work no cheating involved the most badass shepard in the galaxy
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Can anybody give me a savegame of total overdose with 90-100 weapon skills, 70-80 health and adrenaline points


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^^ well the location can vary - it can be also found in ;-)

C:\Users\(User Name)\AppData\Local\.......\202310\Data


Half Life2-Follow Freeman
Project IGI\pc
either in then one folder name should be savegames or if not check in localised folder.

Savegames folder is not in Project IGI\PC. but after googling i found that config.qvm is the file (in Project IGI\PC) which contain save data, but when i back up it & insert in my friends PC then it starts from begining. (I completed all 14 mission).


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^^ well the location can vary - it can be also found in ;-)

C:\Users\(User Name)\AppData\Local\.......\202310\Data
Yes, didn't realise what i was posting, sorry.
make your own saves people.whats the fun playing with others saves?
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