1. N

    Slow Upload Speed

    I have been getting slow upload speed since a rain in last week.But I have normal download speed.Frequent disconnection of bsnl broadband.Sometimes DSL link light modem was OFF.Sometimes it was ON but internet light OFF.There was also a lot of noise on the telephone line.Whenever it worked...
  2. TheSloth

    Unable to Seed

    Hey I am using Tixati torrent client. ISP is Bangalore ACT. Last week i downloaded stuff of 4GB with normal speed, but seeding was so slow that it took 4days!! 2 days back I downloaded again but now its not even seeding.The seeding is almost nil. Seeing this for past 3-4 days. ratio will...
  3. patkim

    Is my router affecting internet download speeds?

    I have 512 kbps internet PPPoE connection and I have DIR 615 router that I have been happily using for past 4 years. Last few days I have a strange observation, with router connected (wired or WiFi) I get very poor download speeds hardly 200kbps whereas upload speeds are ok at 450 kbps. When I...
  4. patkim

    Looking for Free online storage with FTP access.

    While there are several free & paid cloud storage services available, I am looking for a basic online storage (< 100 MB space is also more than sufficient) but supporting FTP upload. So that I can easily write batch file to automate file upload. Not much concerned on security here as well. Any...
  5. Jim Kirk

    Need a broadband connection in Delhi

    Hello, I need a broadband connection with good download and upload speed. I strictly need a good upload speed bcoz I will work for files upload on my website. I have looked for mtnl plans for Trib Unld. 749 which gives 768 kbps upload speed. Is it good ? Also, there is a term - MTNL...
  6. Darshan Singh

    Unable to upload photos

    Hi guys, I am unable to upload photos in a post. I have reduced the file size to around 180kb and the resolution is also according to standards (1600*1200) but when I try to upload photos under 'Manage Attachments', it gives an error saying 'Upload of file failed'. Does anyone have any idea...
  7. J

    Which provider offers fastest 3G upload speed.

    hi friends, i often have a need to upload large file for my work, right now i have a mtnl broadband and a mtnl 3G plan but the upload speed is simply pathetic, it takes over an hour to upload 100mb file. how is the upload speed on reliance/ vodafone/ airtel 3G? I am located in New Delhi
  8. quan chi

    [For Sale] Killzone 2 cheapest price.

    Product: Killzone 2 Price: Rs 450 Condition: Very good Purchased: somewhere in october 2014 Payment method: NEFT only Shipping charges: Included.(shipping asap after the payment) Place: Mumbai
  9. tanmaymohan

    Best converter

    I love to record gameplays of my favourite games to upload them to youtube but the problem is the heavy file size of the video fraps records. 2gb for 2min. So is there any converter or a specific codec in which I can encode the video so that it doesnt misses out on quality and size is also...
  10. NiGHtfUrY

    Need 1mbps connection in Delhi.How's MTNL?

    Right now i have airtel broadband which gives me 1mbps up till 10gb post that its 512 kbps. The plan also includes free 100 calls and the total comes around Rs 990. I want an unlimited 1mbps connection with NO fup limit. Max budget is 1000. The only,how should i say this,REPUTED...
  11. ajayritik

    Need a UPS

    My Back UPS ES 500 is no longer working. Hence need to get a new UPS. image upload Can someone suggest a good model?
  12. patrick4

    Help With Understanding Leased Lines in India

    I am currently planning to subscribe to a leased line in either Mumbai or Pune. I have been speaking to the a bunch of service providers and I am having a hard time making a descision. The sales guys know too little and the technical guys are not able to explain the convept clearly. I am...
  13. P

    webseeds and private tracker ratio

    hello friends, i have a problem at my hand right now... i have a created a torrent with private tracker and added a webseed url of the same file which is located on my server in the torrent.... the torrent is working excellent... but the problem is that the upload made from the webseed is not...
  14. axes2t2

    [Android] Office app which installs on sd card.

    Samsung Galaxy Ace user with only ~30 mb phone memory left. Also is there a way to do that auto upload camera photos other than setup dropbox ?
  15. W

    Download - Upload - Bandwidth Split?

    Hi Mates, Have a basic query. Say my Speedtest says as Download speed: 2 Mbps, Upload Speed: 1.7 Mbps Its actually a 2 Mbps connection. Now, will the download speed and upload speed be shared in this 256 KB/s? or each will have its own 256 KB/s?
  16. A

    Want to upload books

    Hey guys my engg. entrance exams are going to over. i am going to scan all my books and sell the books. i want to know if i can upload the scanned version of books or part of the book on a public site legally or not.
  17. shreymittal

    WTH!! is wrong with my PC

    I don't know whats wrong going on in my PC please check attachments below Please tell how to upload pic they directly show pics not links Note:- Mods please move this thread to appropriate section.
  18. RBX

    Skydrive Usage Policy

    My laptop's hard disk is about to fail, so I have decided to upload all my pics to skydrive. Skydrive's usage policy - Code of conduct states this rule among many Does that mean my pic in bathing suit could get my account suspended ?
  19. tkin

    Imgur Desktop Uploaders(upload screenshot/pics directly to web)!!

    How many times you wanted to take a screenshot of your desktop/programs and wanted it to post it directly to the web, how many times you wanted to upload an image to a image server with just one click? Now, we have some tools: A. Hyperdesktop - Screenshot Uploader You can also edit the image...
  20. Hrishi

    Bizzare Upload Speed in UTorrent.!!

    While Downloading a Torrent , I noticed that there was a sudden spike in Uploading speed in Utorrent. My maximum uploading speed should be around 80-100KBps , but I am wondering why it crossed 2MBPS in utorrent. I don't think a 1mbps internet plan can provide such high upload speed , so what...
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