1. P

    need game suggestions ASAP

    I have dell inspiron with - 4gb graphics 4gb ram 2.5ghz quadcore processor SUGGEST ME SOME GOOD GAMES PLEASE
  2. Cyberghost

    The Avengers Project

    Marvel Entertainment and Square Enix announced today a multi-year, multi-game partnership, leading with the reveal of The Avengers project. This newly established partnership pairs the creative minds at Marvel and Square Enix for one of the most powerful alliances in interactive entertainment...
  3. mikael_schiffer


    In case anyone got offended by the title, i'll clarify my point as quickly as possible. Now why did i use the term "B@STARD" ... well, because we ARE being treated as a B@stard child. There was a time, back in the early 2000s, when PC games were making forays into the new worlds of gaming...
  4. Vyom

    EA stops selling physical copy of games for PC gamers

    You will no longer be able to buy EA PC games in Indian stores Source: You will no longer be able to buy EA PC games in Indian stores | A backward step from EA.
  5. W

    For SMITE Gamers

    Hey, Digit is putting together its own clan on SMITE. If anyone plays the game, request for a clan invite here. Cheers!
  6. seamon

    Gamers are actually social!

    Gamers are more successful and social than rest of the population, study shows (ScienceAlert)
  7. D

    Gamers meet ?

    I used to play minecraft before, in the early stages. So to just find someone who plays Minecraft too from India I posted on minecraft forum with my email address.. And every month I get a email saying they are from India and would like to play together and so on.. I have these people...
  8. R

    BenQ Launches its XL-Z Series Gaming Monitors (144Hz) (1ms)

    BenQ, launched its XL – Z Series Gaming Monitors yesterday at Xtreme Gaming E-Sports Stadium located at New Delhi, Ramesh Nagar. The XL-Z monitors are targeted for the FPS-Genre Gamers. The Monitors are Full HD Display monitors with a maximum resolution of 1920x1080, 1ms (GTG) response time...
  9. rhyansy

    Introduction of MSI Beat IT 2014 Global

    In this update: • Introduction of MSI Beat IT 2014 • Video trailer & Social Media Promotion • Press Release Introduction of MSI Beat IT 2014 Global MSI Beat It Gaming Tournament, tracing back to 2010, is a world famous gaming tournament hosted by MSI. The vision is to create a...
  10. rhyansy

    The number of Chinese gamers surpasses the number of American citizens

    Can you just imagine that there are 517M Chinese gamers? "Of that 517 million person Chinese gaming audience: 147M are core gamers 28% play more than 1 hour/day 9.7% have spent money Core genres = 70% of revenue" This is insane how gaming industry potential is! News article...
  11. nomad47

    NZXT Phantom 240

    NZXT has announced the Phantom 240 a mid tower chasis. Claimed as the lowest priced phantom yet it will be a worthy buy for gamers looking for good airflow and excellent cable management. The cabinet has provision for 2 front 120 mm fans, 1 each at rear and bottom 120 mm, and 2 top mounted 140...
  12. nomad47

    Tera players

    Hello fellow gamers. Anyhow here has tried Tera ??
  13. T

    Hardcore PC Gamers

    Hello everyone, I founded this page named, Hardcore PC Gamers on Facebook a while ago. It started getting subscribers lately and it has grown to around 800 fans. We are now dedicated to post stuff that would be of interest of gamers and appreciate their activity on the page. We would like...
  14. RCuber

    Should Game developers follow Battlelog?

    Many gamers hated which DICE made gamers launch a game via a webbrowser, calling it a very stupid move. but to be frank battlelog is very good concept (it's still buggy and not without issues). searching for servers is a breeze and real deal is the amount of details it give. post match reports...
  15. Nerevarine

    MMO Gamers

    If you play any MMOs, post here..
  16. $ingh

    Cooler Master Launches CM Storm Recon Gaming Mouse

    Cooler Master, the industry’s leading provider of gaming peripherals, power supplies, high-end chassis, thermal solutions and mobile accessories today announces the launch of its new gaming mouse, CM Storm Recon. Like other CM Storm mice, the Recon is designed for gamers who demand precision...
  17. digitaltab

    The Complete Gaming Mouse Guide

    Hello Everyone, THIS THREAD IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION I was about to purchase a gaming mouse for myself so I did a lot of research, gained knowledge and collected data to select a perfect mouse for myself, I found it very useful and...
  18. A

    Do you think excessive video gaming is affecting the health of the gamers?

    Indian Gaming industry is booming. But there are a lot of side effects associated with gaming, like eye-strain and headache. A few companies have launched high tech eye wears to protect gamers from such side effects. Do you think gaming eyewear could be the solution to such health related problems?
  19. Sarath

    God of War: Ascension - Discussion

    God of War: Ascension * Name: God of War:Ascension Developer: Sony Santa Monica Release Date: TBA Platform: PS3 Latest: Multiplayer gameplay: yUHtt9sUtw4 Teaser: 1TWl0FhCi34 The much awaited game has finally come to the respite of many gamers. This one...
  20. Jaskanwar Singh

    What Does DirectCompute Really Mean For Gamers?

    What Does DirectCompute Really Mean For Gamers? : GPGPU Gets Another Practical Application Enjoy Reading :mrgreen:
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