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  1. A

    virus problem

    Dear all, I am facing the problem of iph.exe virus. i am unable to clean it with NOD32. Is there any way out? Please help. With regards, aditya2053
  2. A

    Eset Smart Security and Eset Nod32 4 beta

    Safeguarding private data is constantly getting more and more important. Every user needs comprehensive protection from viruses, trojans, worms, adware, spyware, phishing, rootkits and other internet threats in order to be able to surf the internet, play games and multimedia, exchange e-mails...
  3. pushkar

    Update NOD32 offline

    First of all you need a PC with fully updated genuine licensed NOD32. In that PC, go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ESET. Copy the folder updfiles to a pen drive or CD or whatever. On the target machine (whose genuine NOD32 is to be updated), go to the same path and...
  4. ashu888ashu888

    NOD32 update issues

    GUys, 1.) hv any one of u facing problems while updating ur virus defs in NOD32 Smart Security on WIn XP Pro OSes ?? i cannot update my virus def from the past 12 hrs.. and 2.) are there any issues related to nod32 and Win XP PRo SP3 ??? --------------------------------- Cheers n...
  5. New

    I won ESET Security Suite FREE.

    Yipee... My tutorial on Add Yahoo! Search Engine To Vista Start Menu won the first prize. :D Thanks to the Judges Vishal Gupta, Soumya and Ramesh MVP I already received the license from NOD32 company Original Post Friends, don't loose this opportunity! All the very best..;)
  6. bajaj151

    WB Skins & Antivirus

    1) Suggest me good Windowblinds Themes (Vista). 2) Kaspersky Internet Security or NOD32 Smart Security Presently using Kaspersky .....not fully satisfied, memory usuage max.
  7. kanu2k7

    Explorer.exe encountering problems

    It just started recently. I didnt installed anything but when ever i played some movies the explorer.exe just encounters a problem and shuts downs and then again restart. I have scanned all my drives for virus with NOD32 AV latest updates but still the problem presist. Please...
  8. A

    ESET Receives their 50th VB100 Award

    Read more here:http://cybernetnews.com/2008/06/11/eset-receives-their-50th-vb100-award/ Just goes on to show that Nod32 is one of the best anti virus solutions available today...i am gonna stick to my nod32...
  9. tango_cash

    can i use kaspersky internet security together with nod32???

    hi i have nod32 antivirus. so can i use kaspersky internet security for the purpose of firewall??? will there be conflicts??
  10. tango_cash

    nod32 is messing with utorrent.help

    hi i use nod32 2.7 and utorrent 1.7.7. lately utorrent has started crashing giving the error that nod32 caused it. pls help. here is the screenshot
  11. ashu888ashu888

    Is NOD32 Smart Security able to block Tracking Cookies ?

    Hey guys, I use NOD32's SMART SECURITY along wiht Lavasoft's AD Aware SE, The Ad Aware is able to detect and block many TRACKING COOKIES (plz see the screenshot below) so is nod32 also able to do this (if i disable my ADaware and just use NOD32) ?? with the Anti Spam and Anti...
  12. axxo

    ANyone using Sophos Antivirus?

    Hi, I have planned to use this antivirus for my pc. How far is this good when compared to leading antiviruses like kaspersky, nod32 etc. Any hands on experience in using this AV..plz post it here. Thx
  13. ashu888ashu888

    NOD32 Blocking a URL, How to unblock it !!

    HEy guys, NOD32 is blocking a URL (its a forum site) so here is the screenshot of that blocked message by NOD: How to unblock the URL ?? (i tried the EXCLUDED ADDRESSED option) in advanced setup tree, but it only works for a login page, and for the rest of the pages (since thew forum site...
  14. shift

    NOD32 wallpaper

    guys, anybody has NOD32 wallpaper? not exactly a wallpaper, but a poster type, pliz attach i need it for my project thanks in advance
  15. kantiman

    Best firewall

    I wanted to know which one is the best firewall for windows Xp. I was using Zonealarm but it was giving me driver problem (BSOD) so I have to go for some other option. Please tell me a good firewall. I use NOD32 Antivirus.
  16. dr_jimit

    Update NOD32Virus Signature Database without Internet

    For all those NOD32 PC without internet , To Update NOD32Virus Signature Database u need 1) A PC with Internet , NOD32 and fully updated. 2) NOD32 Update Generator 3) USB Drive/ CD to transfer it to other pc ON the updated PC Use the tool and generate it to a folder, and rename that folder to...
  17. trublu

    NOD32 problem

    I don't know what has happened,but my nod32 interface has become like this.The top green part has disappeared,and the butons have become black.Tried to reinstall,but in vain.Any help?
  18. go4saket

    Best Internet Security Suite of 2008???

    Hi guys! I know this topic has been discussed many a times before but things keep changing. So wanted to refresh it... So, which company do you think leads in the Internet Security Suite run. I know ZASS is in the fav. list of many. To all those who use this suite, just a word of...
  19. N

    A series of problems with XP

    I am experiencing a no. of problems with my system, think I have acquired a virus / spyware through the pen drive. First of all my copy paste function is disabled, task manager is disabled, I get all kinds of errors when I open my office applications. My XP interface has turned into a...
  20. adithyagenius

    How to keep a Win XP PC secure in an infested LAN

    In my hostel we have LAN and no PC is connected to net but some idiot brings an infected pen drive or floppy ( in 2007? ) and infects his PC and the whole LAN. This happens atleast 1-4 times a week ending with mass formats, data loss, frustration and blame games. My friends in hostel tried using...
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