1. blademast3r

    Which is the best free webhost?

    Hey guys, Which is the best free webhost out there with the following features? Good uptime (important) at least 5GB monthly BW ability to host wordpress so php and mysql should be available
  2. himtuna

    Domain Case

    Hi Eeryone I am fed up with my school's website. They are stuck with a pathetic webhost. He has forwarded our school domain to a crap site. And is not listing. It has been over a year . Now I am taking the responsiblity to manage the site and the first thing that I want to do is CHANGE THE...
  3. victor_rambo

    Web hosting: Few important points to check

  4. Gigacore

    Torrent Querry!

    I want to create a LEGAL torrent! I've few bunch of Linux eBooks, which are free and distributable. I thought of uploading it to blog, but i dont wanna waste my webhost storage space. So i dont know anything about creating a torrent, than downloading it. Please Help me!
  5. webgenius

    which web host?

    My classmate has designed this site www.enggresources.com He has selected some free host for this website and is not telling anyone about the host. Which webhost provides such service for free?
  6. santu_29

    jsp help needed :)

    i need to learn jsp, ejb and xml as i have them in my course this semester. can anyone suggest me a good editor for jsp. i have been using dreamweaver for last 2 years but it seems its not good for jsp. also does anyone know any free jsp webhost where i can test my pages :)
  7. tuXian

    What is DNS Hosting?

    I came across a term DNS Hosting today, would like to know about it in simple words. I had heard about web hosting and that a website/domains DNS is always with the webhost. Then whats this DNS Hosting? Plz can someone elaborate on that!
  8. P

    PHP MySQL Webhost

    After a lot of searching in this forum i can't find a RELIABLE WEBHOST offering atleast 100 mb(if it is more it is good),PHP 4,MYSQL and FTP access. Plz. help me THanx
  9. C

    Webhost Config...Help !

    Hi, I want to make a personal 4-5 page website with guestbook,comments,form mailer etc.I dont know any programming so i have been using some ready made scripts from www.hotscripts.com. I have tried them on free ASP,PHP hosting services like www.1asphost.com and www.brinkster.com educational...
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