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@desiJATT well thats all I have for now. stopped gaming. laptop suffices for everything I do. printer also needed as dad needs to take prints regularly. mouse for Angry Birds when I play.
Your setup is also nice :)


Simply. For verification. We don't want to see cases of plagiarism and useless accusations. I had seen a hilarious case in some other forum. Don't want that kind of stuff to happen here.

You mean the Susrukh debacle right?

Post only one. The one which is more unique or humorous or anything that gives a better choice.

Thank God I am not participating then ;)

I would be torn between my two beloved work spaces a.k.a study tables


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Is it necessary that the date mentioned on the verification paper be the same date we post it on?


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could be a couple of days here and there.

I'm moving currently & if I enter now I won't be able to enter once again when I'm settled at my new place. Right?

I've already shot a picture of my current work-space according to the guidelines. But I plan to post it later in case I'm not able to enter with my new workspace. Can I do so?

If not, I'll enter with the current workspace.


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Now what's this

BTW why are the MODs NOT participating :confused:?

From the looks of it looks like a pretty awesome stuff mounted inside a wooden chassis having motors mounted for operating the conveyor belt using a 12V supply (adapter?) and/or battery. A digital multimeter points out it's being tested side by side.

I so wanna be there right now checking out this ace machine.


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Got sometime to take pics of my classic rig .....not much to say about mine 2 pictures worth 2 thousand words :)


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The entry thread has turned into a RIG Pictures thread (strictly my opinion). Some posts don't even show full workspace.
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