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There were three threads before like this but they have been closed ages ago...

Anyway, many of us here live alone or are stuck in hostels or just get hungry at random times when there is no source of good food.

So here is a thread dedicated to everyone who can cook or who wants to try to cook.

Share your recipes, pictures of food YOU cooked and links to nice websites which have good recipe contents :))


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I can prepare some, but not much

Maggie, Bread Toast/Omelet, Really good Tea, pretty bad coffee, Dosa using Ready made batter, Masala Soda, Steamed Rice, Cake :D

Want to start preparing Gravy/Dall. I will leave non veg items to the experts ( my mom ) :p
I can cook enough to keep myself happy. I think hardest to make are gravys and south indian stuff like sambhar. French, Italian and Chinese cuisine is a joke seriously :D

Well today I made chop suey sauce. I made it multi purpose. Morning added some water and macaroni and kept in microwave to make pasta. Lunch added soya bytes to it and microwaved to get "instant soya machurian". Dinner doing the same with noodles to make normal chop suey :D


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Take Malai in a bowl....add tomato, onion and salt to it and mix.

Apply the mixture on both sides of a bread and heat on tawa.

Tastes 10000x better than Pizza.


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Mix Mashed bananas in cold milk. Add some vanilla extract. Add honey to the taste. Ready ! Serve cold !
Try this:

garlic white sauce

Take 4-6 cloves of garlic and chop them fine. Fry them in a few spoons of butter. Add Maida to it which is equal or slightly lesser in volume to the butter. Mix everything in low flame. Add a couple of glasses of milk while stirring rapidly to dissolve everything. Add salt and white pepper (if you don't mind the color chilli powder will do) keep stirring in low flame. You get a thick white sauce. This is garlic white sauce, a variation of normal white sauce (which has no garlic).

You can add this, or normal white sauce to pizza instead of tomato sauce. Also use with sandwiches and burgers. Seriously awesome and has saved me a few times when I set out to make pizzas and was out of tomato sauce and was in no mood to make fresh tomato sauce. :D


Chef. I hardly qualify as a cook. :D During my stay alone, I could:

Boil water
Heat up milk and make >Corn flakes, coffee (err) or most likely drink it plain
Make noodles
Make an omlette (not actual omlette, just threw the eggs on to a pan)

That's all :shock: Man I suck!

I visioned (esp after watching Masterchef for a while) that in a few months I would be:
Cooking Rice, Dal
Basic curries
The most difficult, stuff like Sambar etc
Ofcourse a chicken curry :D

But now since I am back with my family I have realised that, food cooked by Mom is a direct gift from the heavens :)
Cheese Omlet:

I don't know if this recipes is popular or something but its just plain simple. Tear a slice of cheese and mix it with the yolk and cook it like a normal omlet. Yummy! :)


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Used to cook before marriage. After that, have handed over to a much expert person. These days its only needed when my wife goes to her maike. :D

Nice thread, btw.


Quite a Good cook here..
can cook Chicken (with gravy) quite well...
(well aleast my frnds think so.. :p)


Can cook:

Dal (Tour, chan, moong, mix, etc)
Vegetables (Potato, Beans, Lady's Finger, Cauliflower, Cabbage, etc)
Idli/Dosa (with readymade batter)
Sandwich (easy lol)

Gonna learn:



crush and make maggi
let it cool a bit
cut the edges off a bread
put some maggi at one edge of the bread
roll and make a joint(lol)
eat, and enjoy!!!
also, put a bit of ketchup on it for added yum.

this is for those rare times when there is only one maggi packet left and you and your hungry sibling are fighting it out for the honor of nomming that delicious bowl of noodles.
it will end both your hunger pangs
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