1. Ronnie012

    Launch an imaginary product

    There are several products which are available in the market which are innovative yet crappy in some sort of way. So, I gathered why not start a thread and launch Fake products which are crappy (yet innovative) in some sort. So lets begin - Eat your Food App - Would be basically an alarm...
  2. Cyberghost

    Robots Cook Food Using Robohow.

    RoboEarth. No, it’s not a lame SNES game from 1994, it’s a cloud network that lets robots learn from the actions of other bots. It started over three years ago, and now, a new, related project has sprung from that initiative at the Institute for Artificial Intelligence at the University of...
  3. Zangetsu

    The TDF Cooks

    It's a myth that "Only women can cook Tasty food.." :mrgreen: so, how many of u know how to cook? and what you can cook well? :mrgreen:
  4. M

    Food Recipes By Digitians

    Share all you self made Food recipes here.. dont forget to share "Biscuit Pizza" or ""Biscuit Sandwich" here.. :D since we Digitians also know how to invent Dishes. will keep updating first post with links to the recepies.. Desserts Chocolate Ice-cream by Luffy
  5. P

    Want to buy Mixer with kneadermay be bajaj food processor-FX-11

    Hi Guys, I want to buy bajaj food processor-FX-11 and my main aim is to use its ATTA kneader capacity. I asked for demo but no shop gives demo for this they say "pahle kharido phir demo denge", is it actually work or not ? thanks
  6. S

    ~7 Dangerous acts after a meal~

    Hi all, I want to share some good info with you.... help it will make you good health. though it is simple and common sense, But many times we do the following things (unknowningly) or get into habit of below Acts ~7 Dangerous acts after a meal~ 1. Don’t smoke — Experiments from...
  7. power_8383


    Hello guys, I am from Maharashtra. I want to join some IT institutes in Ameerpet. I want a single room(no sharing)with attached bathroom for 3 months near Ameerpet. Other area's suggestions are also welcome but they should be in 5 km radius from ameerpet. I have searched literally every...
  8. H

    Your favorite Indian food.

    Not Indian Dominos or Indian KFC chicken, but pure Indian food. My favorite: Chicken dum biriyani
  9. S

    IFB dishwasher

    my mother is really fed up of our maid now a days. she is so irregular. but without her there is no one to wash the heap of utensils that stay piled in the wash basin. so came the idea of buying a dishwasher that would ease the daily pain of scraping food from the dishes. somebody please help...
  10. N

    Steve Yegge - How it feels working at GOOGLE

    I've tried writing another Amazon War Story a couple of times, but so far no luck. It's not Writer's Block. I can write plenty. This time my problem is Writer's Crap. So today I'll try something different, and write about working at Google. The main problem with writing about Google is that...
  11. T

    Which Food to your Dog

    I have hear different opinions on which brand and formula of food is best for very active working dogs... Will y'all give me some feedback on your food choices and any evidence that makes it the best... Price should not be a factor. Thanks
  12. MetalheadGautham

    ThinkDigit Chefs

    There were three threads before like this but they have been closed ages ago... Anyway, many of us here live alone or are stuck in hostels or just get hungry at random times when there is no source of good food. So here is a thread dedicated to everyone who can cook or who wants to try to...
  13. Skud

    Scientist Creates Food Out of Human Waste

    A Japanese researcher from Okayama Laboratory named Mitsuyuki Ikeda has created meat like food from human excrement. Could this be the solution to our food problems and end of world hunger? It may very well go in a chain like this food -> excrement -> food... ;) Link here:- Scientist...
  14. Vyom

    UP Department Set To Use Facebook to Maintain Transparency in Food Supplies

    UP Department Set To Use Facebook to Maintain Transparency in Food Supplies! Key Points: Food Officials to Use Facebook Page to post Updates Those who don't already, asked to Learn Computers! (expect lot of dialogues to derive for "Dumbest Thing About Computers.." thread)! Complete Article...
  15. J

    9 Tips For Easy Weight Loss

    1) Fruits And Vegtables Fruits and vegetables are very healthy for you. They have a lot of fiber and antioxidants. In addition to this, eating raw fruits and vegetables will make you feel fuller, faster! The amounts of calories that fruit and vegetables have are really low. So be sure to eat...
  16. T


    Recently pondered upon a site called its an online food ordering site.. check it out and lemme know about the site
  17. G

    Price hike again!!!

    NOT AGAIN. As you all know the prices of petrol, disel, gas, CNG has been increased again. It seems to be a never ending delima. And ofcourse its affecting the prices of other commodites to go higher. For us, mostly the transport fare, computer peripherals, food are getting costlier. Though i am...
  18. mns.saraf

    Jabalpur Railway station (help)

    I need contact number of food plaza or canteen in jabalpur station by which i can get food in train by a call.
  19. Faun

    End of Oil Luxury !!!

    Basically oil is the most important part of our lives. Everything from food to motor cars require oil. But as it was said the reserves of oil are finite and we have already entered the Peak Oil stage after that there is a fall in the reserves. It means that oil will get costlier while our...
  20. ajaybc

    MUST EAT FOOD recommended by DIGITIANS

    I really got addicted to the idiyappam which my mom made me yesterday.I couldn't stop eating actually and my mom had to yell at me to stop eating it :(.Idiyappam is my favourite food. Idiyappam+egg curry=heaven Which food u Digitians like the most?
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