The Witcher 3


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That twitter a/c is not the official CD projekt Red's a/c, but the information may well be true. ;)


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What would i need to play this game? A graphic card from 2050?

Well that completely depends how well they can optimize the game to run on normal cards also. They did quite well with W2 but still received many requests and all that game wasn't that much optimized so if they listen to them and optimized it well. I have a shot to max out this game. :D:D


What would i need to play this game? A graphic card from 2050?

When the first time I heard of Nvidia's new 6gb graphics card, called TITAN, I kinda thought this might be the start of the next gen on the PC, like the Kepler Tech, yeah there's no such thing as next gen but its like a big leap forward. Titan is extremely expensive right now, around 1.3k USD, but it will definitely pave the way for affordable mid/mid-high range cards. Then may be you can play the games like Witcher 3 :p


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This year consoles have very good exclusives likee gear of war , god of war , last of us , beyond two souls , If some good games like gta 5 and witcher 3 should have come in 2013 , that would have been good !


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No XP for killing, damn that hurts a lot in the heart. Then there will be no motivation to kill anything in the way at all. :|
They better modify it.
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