The Windows Mobile Thread

raja manuel

In the zone
Do you mean the lack of apps or the UI/features itself?
Lack of apps is a much debated issue, as Microsoft deliberately retrenched from the platform even as it was growing to wait for a post smartphone world. As for the UI, that is subjective. I like it a lot better than Android/iOS which looks stale and boring, like Windows 95, but I know many others who cannot accept Live Tiles. I enjoy the fact that it is an OS that has never been hacked.
I am still hopeful, though. The company that released Surface Studio and Hololens (and even the Band) can still wow us with a spectacular mobile PC that can also make calls - if they want to.


Right off the assembly line
Yes, I will not disagree with everyone has their point of view. Moreover, I like the Surface studio and its performance and even looking to buy one soon.
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