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The Windows 8 Thread

^^ PM sent. Thanks.

Thanks everybody. Activated successfully. Used Advanced Token Manager to backup the activation should I need to reinstall the OS.

Here is Microsoft's toll free number for phone activation: 1800111100. I myself did the phone activation using this number.


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^^ Not necessary to talk to the customer center. I activated it through the ivrs after trying a number of times.


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When I installed Windows 8 it was terrible and there was no Start Menu but now with Windows 8.1 they have sorted out and made it look like Windows 7 but a new interface. I am happy overall with 8.1.

windows 8.1 start button just go back to the metro interface again. it does not do the job windows 7 did rather decreasing space on taskbar ;)


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Not gimmick. Microsoft trolled whiners

Exactly.. Besides they were very clear when stating that windows menu will never return on Windows again. But there are no regrets or problem now as win 8.1 has sorted out the much missed out Shutdown in start button.

I never missed the start menu once i got accustomed to Win 8.


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Is the upgrade to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8 free? I mean if I buy Windows 8, will I be able to upgrade to 8.1 without paying extras?


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Guys I'm unable to install gfwlive in Windows 8.1. Previously gfwlive worked fine in Windows 8. For some reasons i uninstalled it, now after Windows 8.1 update, gfwlive won't install. The error code isn't present in Microsoft site and support link also not working. Error code:0x80096010.


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Why do you want to manually install it ?
Its a part of the games that actually need it, AFAIK.

And anyways its days are over.

Try installing it under the compatibility mode (as compatible with Windows 7).


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Getting weird problems with Win 8.1, sometimes they come sometimes they don't. I'm gonna reinstall the OS again and if the problem persists then goodbye Win 8.1 and welcome to Win 8.
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