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Firecracker to the moon
May not be great shot in AV mode


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As someone said.. HDR.. vomit of colors.. :twisted: here goes.. :)

5_tonemapped-5 by doomslyr, on Flickr

44_tonemapped-30 by doomslyr, on Flickr

8_tonemapped_tonemapped-7 by doomslyr, on Flickr

40_tonemapped-28 by doomslyr, on Flickr

34_tonemapped-24 by doomslyr, on Flickr

29_tonemapped-20 by doomslyr, on Flickr

25_tonemapped-17 by doomslyr, on Flickr

24_tonemapped-16 by doomslyr, on Flickr

21_tonemapped-14 by doomslyr, on Flickr

19_tonemapped-13 by doomslyr, on Flickr

14_tonemapped-11 by doomslyr, on Flickr

13_tonemapped-10 by doomslyr, on Flickr
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Why I'm feeling like most of the HDR images being uploaded here look unrealistic? Seems like people here are getting overenthusiastic with HDR Imaging.
What I feel that natural images would have been much better than these HDR ones. No doubt, there are many HDR images which have struck the perfect balance, but, still there are many which have been overdone.
Guy's don't take this otherwise, this is what I'm feeling. :)


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Kjuvale, Wonderful shots...

Arian, Nice shots... Tonemapped monochrome HDR are better than colour...


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@CyberKID The proper professional way to do HDR is to shoot 5 images in RAW. Align them in PS. Then Tonemap them in Photomatrix. Final editing, cropping and Noise/Sharpness control again in PS. Then upload to image sharing sites. The total editing process will take around 20mins. If in end the result looks realistic and no different from real world TO ITNI MEHNAT KA FAAYDA KYA?? :p

BTW I know and agree with what you said. Talking about myself, I have recently developed this hobby and I am over enthusiastic about everything :)


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Though, I'm not into professional photography with the gears (don't have any), but still, can say that you've hit a good balance.

The pics are really good.

Especially the first one.


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@abhidev i Use photomatrix and photoshop. i guess yes, HDR is unrealistic, but then a photo is good if it please your eyes.. HDR i think is good for making wall hanging photos (small ones) :mrgreen:.. you also get them in local markets.. @prashant there's nothing like 5 shots is professional.. in most cases 3 shots is good enough. You need more (5, 7 , 9 rtc..) if the contrast is less and light is poor and you need more range. Else taking more shots isn't gonna do anything extra to the final pic.
I took these shots last Saturday and i was struggling with the light.. it was cloudy and then suddenly the sun shows up for 10mins and its cloudy and dark again.. :evil:


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I am going ro jaipur tomorrow.. i was a bit confused if i should carry a tripod or a monopod or none.. tripods i don't think are allowed inside any palace/fort area. Or maybe ill take all handheld shots.. what you guys say :)


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take handheld...there is enough light..

u can carry a tripod if u want night shots with lights n all....monopod is not useful
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