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Yes you all are right. I think I just went too far with this. May be the color balancing would have done the job and I added an extra warming filter.

Due to the low size of this file. I din't tried much of the tweaking. Thanks for feedback.

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This shot was also taken on the same day I shot the above one.


Coool pic Cool G5! No PP???? great! I will upload a pic soon. This pic to me looks like has its aim set in to bring out the colour of nature. All colours are vivid and striking. Gimme some time and I'll upload a pic which I tried to capture the soft essence of a flower, no vividness.


@ Cool, you really cool. ;)

@ Chirag, consider the memory card too. Sony Memory stick pro duo is expensive compared to canon Sd card.


I had read somewhere sony doesn't have manual focus. So verify this also.

go according to your budget. Nothing is perfect. And if you need camera for learning purpose (only if you wish to upgrade to DSLR) then go Value for Money.

Sony had a plus point with HD video & cannon had with full manual controls.
Posted again:
Cool: it looking like wide angle type. Do you cropped it or shot that image at wide angle.
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@Chirag - Check the following links.

@Toofan - My camera doesn't has a wide angle lens but the shot was taken in wide-screen mode. Even the shot I posted before(Sealink) is shot in Wide-Screen mode. Sometimes wide-screen mode works wonder for images which otherwise appear bland. Just my thought. I seem to compile great photos in widescreen mode than normal mode. Something is wrong with me I guess :D

@Techalomaniac - he he. Thanks buddy. :)

@all - I just lended my Canon SX100 IS to my friend who needs it tomorrow for a college trip. I know he will take good care but still I'm feeling a bit worried about my cam. It's like another heart of mine. :(


grt job izzikio...magical image there..

heres a shot i took this sunday canon sx100, manual focus, iso 100


My sony lacks manual focus toofan :(

Whatta pic mysticjayant! Pretty cool. Manual focus is a feature i do miss a lot!
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I just lended my Canon SX100 IS to my friend who needs it tomorrow for a college trip. I know he will take good care but still I'm feeling a bit worried about my cam. It's like another heart of mine. :(

Very Very true. Few months ago one of my friend asked for my can and I just denied. But last weak my best friends brother asked for cam then I can't say no to him. And the next 8 hours were like hell to me. I don't know why I feel so tension. Its like handing my girlfriend to someone else. I hate borrowers. Really. If you can't afford then you should not fulfill your need by taking someone else goods.
For next time if you can't say no then prepare some excuses before hand to tackle such situations. It works.

@mysticjayant. Very Very fine image. The colors and the whole composition of shot is excellent. Good job.

@techlomaniac: Manual focus in not necessary for this kind of shots. I took most of my macros in Macro mode. This way It took less time in bushes and safety from mosquitoes and other friends in similar category.
I use manual focus only there when my auto focus is not working fine. and then too I mostly trick my camera by first manual focusing and then shifting it to auto focus for sharp shot.


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Canon SX200 is COSTLY. I think I will go with SX120. Construction of Canon is the only problem but I think I will manage.

[EDIT] Can anyone confirm the proper price of SX200? On ebay it says 21k at most of the places and 16k at some places. Am ordering it from Dubai. If its 16k, am so buying it.

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toofan said:
Its like handing my girlfriend to someone else.

You stole the words from my mouth. My friend called me this morning & said that the camera batteries discharged midway leaving the lens out & lens cover open. But luckily he borrowed batteries from a friend & the problem was solved. At that moment I was fearing whether he must have put them the correct way & have closed the door gently to prevent any damage. I will get the camera in the evening at 7PM. Till then no snapping of pics. Its going to be a long day.

@mysticjayant - Really good shot. Thumbs Up. :)

@techalomaniac - As toofan rightly added manual focus is not necessary but it really comes handy when Auto-Focus fails. Though manual focus is a good feature but becomes difficult if you don't have an optical viewfinder(like on my camera) & have to rely on the small image in the LCD.

BTW guys how can one start charging for his photographs? Any idea?
Now there is a family which hired me as their secondary photographer for the wedding. Being my neighbors, I was not in a position to say no & eventually ended up shooting & then making the gift CD of the same.

Now another family has approached me & they too want me to shoot. They had seen me snapping this ganeshutsav & liked my work. This time I don't want to shoot for free & I want to make it clear that I won't do it if they don't pay. How can I explain them? I wish to tell them the straight forward way like expenses on camera maintainence, batteries, computer & offcourse my time. What do you think? Also how much should I charge? Charge for shot or charge for time(Hours)?


Cool: Today from morning 9.30 to 11.00 am I took 25 images and charged @15.00 per print. Without any PP done on them. It was some inspection work of a government office.

So you just contact the photographer near you and ask him how much he charge.
For charging to the parties contacting you, you can inform them that you earn that much money from you photography so that they may get a hint. And if you are bold enough you can directly ask them that you charges that much amount per printed photo and giving the originals will take some extra charge but you will give them for free with the printed photos.

Chirag: one of my friend bought a Sony H20 today for 17990.00.


Title: - Painted Flowers !


and one with frame



@G5 -->COOL flower shot G5 :)
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