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  1. A

    [SUPER_URGENT]Need a 300 dpi capable Laser printer

    Hey Guys@Digit:I run a printing press and our old printer is now at almost irrepairabe stage...We have tried searching for 300 dpi capable printer,but our efforts are in vain...SO do you guys know any such printer available in market or any major markets that have probability of having such...
  2. babumoshaaye

    The darkest material on earth

    Makers of the darkest material on earth, Vantablack have created a darker material using the same carbon nanotube surface used in the previous version. In fact, the new material is so dark that the spectrometers couldn't measure the percentage of light absorbed. The previous material was capable...
  3. bubusam13

    Need printer suggestions for photo printing

    Hi Guys, please suggest me a printer capable of giving good quality photo printout and also having auto duplex printer. A CISS capable printer will be much better. I need for home printing only. Presently I am having Epson TX121. And it is not detecting the magenta cartridge. I replaced with...
  4. SaiyanGoku

    LG G4 is official

    LG G4 is official, strong on design and photography features - GSMArena.com news LG G4 - Full phone specifications Disappointed by battery capacity, should've been 3500mAh atleast.
  5. F

    Hosting LAN party

    Can someone please provide some basic information on hosting LAN party. Please also suggest a router capable of supporting 4 players.
  6. R

    Nvidia launches Tegra X1 with 1 teraflop performance

    Nvidia Unveils Tegra X1 with 1 teraflop performance AnandTech | NVIDIA Tegra X1 Preview & Architecture Analysis
  7. A

    android tablet budget Rs 10,000.00

    dual sim preferred, flash capable camera
  8. P

    Android pwrd PC vs windows/mac

    Allright if the title dosent explain,with devices such as HP slate 21 all in one,Hp slatebook x2,slatebook 14,lenovo ideapad a10 coming or jumping into market what do you think IS Android capable of mainstream usage?or You support it in your mobile? and support the fact of only...
  9. P

    Linux learning correct tab

    What is better book for Linux to start with ? So that later which make us capable of writing scripts playing with DB etc..
  10. S

    Bluray capable PC

    I would like to build a Bluray decoding capable PC. Budget is 40,000 I only need to know the components of the cabinet, like CPU, Graphics, RAM, PSU, etc. Also, please suggest a good cabinet.
  11. A

    wi fi capable led 32 tv

    saw 2 latest models of wifi capable led 32 inch sony tv.do these really work with a wi fi net connection and are they worth he extra price,i mean also which is better sony or toshiba 32 led wii fi tv
  12. rst

    help me in buying an inverter

    i need inverter( pure sine ) for 3 fans,4 tubelight, tv and pc It should be capable of 3-4 hours plz help
  13. M

    Long range adsl router needed

    hey guys, i am looking for a long range adsl router for mtnl broadband. max budget 6k i should be capable of handling range of about 2500 sq ft.
  14. S

    Multiple PC configurations and connectivity options

    I'm setting up a design center and cafe in my city and I require multiple pc configs and connectivity options for that. Details are: 1) 5 low end PCs capable of net browsing, counter-strike, etc. 2) 1 PC for the reception for billing, printing, scanning, etc. 3) 2 PCs capable of photo...
  15. M

    Best Sound Card @5k Budget PCI-E x4 compactible.

    Hi Guys i want a best all round sound card capable of producing good high quality sound on all round sound , movies, games and music collections. Also capable of passing HD, DTS-HD all HD movies sound files. I will be using HD player so wanted the best all round card capable of producing...
  16. M

    [Want to Buy] GPU within 6k

    want to buy a gpu within 6k. psu is a s12ii 620.. 460gtx or 5850 preferred.. any gpu capable of dual monitor and gaming at 1280x1080..
  17. akashv

    Android HD Gaming

    Do Android 3D HD games like Dungeon Hunter,Real Football 2011,Assassin's Creed,etc require a minimum of WVGA 480*800 resolution to work? Will it be playable on a HVGA 320*480 device assuming that it's CPU/GPU combo is capable of doing so??:!:
  18. Z

    In-ear headphones

    I am looking for in-ear headphones under Rs. 2500. I listen to more of hip hop but it should be capable of all kinds of genre.
  19. saswat23

    Need help selecting GRAPHICS CARD and MOBO.

    I have an INTEL i-3 540 procy. I want a suitable mobo for it with onboard graphics, 4RAM slots, 2PCI slots. Please give me all the motherboads available under under such feature. I have a budget of 5000, but can extend it to 6000. If its USB-3 capable and SATA-3 capable then its even better.
  20. giprabu

    Suggest some multiplayer games for pc playable without internet.

    well.. the query is clear from thread title. i'm jst expectin some games like, fifa(multi player capable without internet). BFBC2, COD series be able to be played like that ?
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