1. babumoshaaye

    The darkest material on earth

    Makers of the darkest material on earth, Vantablack have created a darker material using the same carbon nanotube surface used in the previous version. In fact, the new material is so dark that the spectrometers couldn't measure the percentage of light absorbed. The previous material was capable...
  2. G

    Best Material To learn C++.

    I'm now studying in CBSE class 11. This year i studied C++ with Sumita Aurora for my computer science. I would like to know about the best book to learn C++ both for my class 12 as well as to generally learn the subject better. which will be the best books? Are there an material available if so...
  3. dashang

    need CMAT study material

    Guys , Can you send me CMAT 2013 study material
  4. K

    Which One Is Better Dell 7520 Se OR Dell 5521 ??

    Which One Is Better Dell 5521 i7-3517U / 8 / 1TB / 2GB R8730 Vs Dell 15R SE 7520 i5-3210M / 6 / 1TB / Radeon7730 / W8 Both Are the same price But what is the best One In Performance , Material , And Battery Thanx :)
  5. gdebojyoti

    Online study material sources?

    Anybody knows of good online study material (text only, no videos) on these following subjects? Digital Signal Processing Telecommunication Systems Digital Communication Information Theory & Coding Principles of Management
  6. velociraptor

    video lectures and study material for following

    hey frnds i need urgent help finding tutorials and other study material on following please help 1-oops with c++ 2-microprocessor (8085 if possible) 3-computer organization 4-data structure thanx in advance hey ill any 1 reply plz
  7. O

    creating my custom pc cabinet(based on a reactor theme) images included

    hi people i m making a new case to house ma mobo n all foll are specs: i53570 msi z77a g45 G.Skill RipjawsX 1600 MHz 8 GB x2 (3000x2) Sapphire HD7950 3 GB vapourX (20000) corsair psu (750 watts) (it will...
  8. gdebojyoti

    Urgently require free online study material

    Can anyone suggest me some good online study material (preferably text) on the following topics? 1. Data Structures using C 2. Microprocessors - a. 8085 b. 8086 3. Control System Engineering - a. Routh's criteria b. Root locus c. Polar plot d. Nyquist plot e. Bode plot...
  9. koolent

    Need help modding my cabinet..

    Hi, I am Kush Mishra, the summer vacations are about to start and we need something to do during then.. I wanted to ask which material and cutting tools are good for plasticw and metals.. After that, which material should I use to rebuild the cut surface as desired.. If anyboy here...
  10. P

    Want to change my career direction

    Hi all, I am 25 yrs old, from Maharashtra , had done Diploma in Mech Engg in 2007,also done SAP course .Now , i am working in a steel company . Currently I am working as in Utility department in Operation and maintenance.Now , i want to change my job profile , as I am interested in Material...
  11. INS-ANI

    Wanna sell IES MADE EASY GATE-ECE Study Material

    Hey guys, i have IES made easy Postal study material for GATE,IES,PSU-2010 study material. I bought it about 7 months back for Rs.7000 and would like to resell it. Details for the material: Please quote a price. I live in pune and will prefer a pune buyer. However for outstation buyers, the...
  12. topgear

    Japanese Scientists Create Elastic Water

    Elastic Water could eventually replace plastic, or be used in an environmentally-safe plastic. Bernama, a part of the Malaysian National News Agency, reports that Japanese scientists have created “elastic water." Developed at the Tokyo University, the new material consists mostly of...
  13. H

    CAT Material

    Can anyone pls let me know the price of CAT 2009 MAterial avail for sale from the markets. ? Any institute TIME / IMS / Career Launcher material information would be appreciated. How much can I expect above institute material for second hand in good condition. TIA,
  14. trigger

    [Giveaway] CAT-2008 study material

    I have IMS institute study material. And I don't want to scrap it. So anyone interested can pm me for further details.
  15. george101

    All Nvidia G84 and G86s are Defective

    Read the whole story
  16. Yoda

    Need study Material for Bank Exam. Please help

    Hi Friends I'm preparing for the State Bank of India(Associate Banks) Bank Exam. The examination type is Objective Type Examination 1. Test of Reasoning 2. Quantitative Aptitude 3. General Awareness / Computer Knowledge 4. English Language I couldn't find any online material or...
  17. bajaj151

    Preparation for IP,MCA ?

    IP University paper for MCA consist of 4 parts: 1) Maths 2) Logical Analysis 3) English 4) Computer Awareness How should I prepare in 7 day...I know..its difficult...but not impossible... I have FOR: Maths: SANMAC Material Logical: ? English: ...
  18. S

    How to protect my Data

    I have been infected by a Virus. Whenever I copy some data with my pen to another computer there it seems another foldername.exe. For example if I copy 2 doc file in a folder called study material then after pasting in to another comp there seems another folder called study material.exe within...
  19. INS-ANI

    pointer to 2-D array

    need help in pointer to 2-D array, i can get the concept, but cant grasp the practical part in this topic.Can any one plese help me find a proper study material for the same. I read Let us C, i want better!
  20. iMav

    New Material Provides Constant Light For 12 Years Without a Power Source

    New Material Provides Constant Light For 12 Years Without a Power Source MPK, a company that has made a name producing glow-in-the-dark paint, has developed self-luminous micro particles called Litrospheres. The new material is said to be inexpensive (35 cents to light up a 8 ½ x 11 piece...
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