the Asus K53SV - SX521V and SX521D thread


build quality is awesome bro in my point of view its better than dell and best part is asus has better heat dispenser than dell

no problems you will face if get a proper cracked os


build quality is awesome bro in my point of view its better than dell and best part is asus has better heat dispenser than dell

no problems you will face if get a proper cracked os

I agree on that.
But if we check the prices of dell and asus then the difference is not much and also you get original windows in dell.


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Uh guys...
A little help will be very much appreciated..
I brought an ASUS K53SV-SX521D in Jan 2012, but this thing gets bloody hot when i run threaded appliations.
I breezes thru AutoCAD and MatLab calculations, but when running games like Crysis 2 and BF3, i have even touched as high as 98 degrees :shock:. Twice, the cores have automatically shut down to protect themselves, having surpassed the 100 degree mark. I am using RealTemp for temperature measurement. But this problem did not affect my gameplay, and i didnt even know about it, till i quit the game...
Whats an effective way of cooling this beast, save just dipping it in water....

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try report this problem to the service center else get a cooling pad

but quality wise asus is much better than dell and dell gives refurbished parts in case of warranties


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Hello Guys,m using K53S 521d model for past 8-9 months but even this time line m not sure about exact battery back up time because nowadays on full charge
windows 7 states something close to 4hrs(initially it was giving 4hr 35mins) but the problem is, as soon it reaches 90% battery meter reads only 2hrs 30min approx.I mean how come battery drain to 2.30hr from 3.30hr in mere 10 mins.M using it at Quiet mode,and if u suggest me for calibration then it will be of no help as m calibarting it after 25-30 cycles or say once in a month.Moreover when asked the technical guy at asus for the battery back up he says that's okay and according to him no laptop gives 4hr back practically,Lame reasoning.


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hello friends I am Using 521D model and laptop's charging port is Damadged, I have to adjust charger each time to get laptop charged.
Can Service center guys will change the charging port, and how much it'll cost?


i had that same problem on my 520D.
1.5 years after purchase.

Dont adjust the pin to recharge, because the jack pin has broken (prolonged heat...), take it to service center or if you're good at soldering you can fix the problem yourself.
Adjusting the male pin will make the broken pin form a very light contact, which will result in heating up (80 degrees +) at the power jack itself.

I solved the problem by soldering the broken power jack pin. Had told Asus CC about it, still on hold at service center for the replacement part (power jack) to arrive.
cost would be around Rs.1000 - 1500. (ebay prices)

Broken pin -

Solution: DIY solder the broken pin

Video - Asus computer repair to fix a DC jack that needs resoldered by Doubleclickittofixit - YouTube
how to open - Asus K53E/SV X53E DC Power Jack Repair - YouTube
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