1. G

    Asus K53SV Bluetooth Problem-- (Windows 8)

    I have Asus K53SV Laptop. I was using Windows 7 Home Premium that came with it. The Bluetooth worked fine on it. But now I upgraded to Windows 8 Pro. Everything seems to work fine except the Bluetooth. The Windows 7 Driver (Intel ProSET wireless drivers and Atheros Bluetooth Suite) for Bluetooth...
  2. P

    have to buy laptop

    i am new here i want to buy a laptop with a 2gb graphic memory and at least 6gb ram and i5 or i7(to b future proof) i am planning to use it fr 5 yrs main use gaming and multimedia please help....previously i was thinking of asus k53sv sx521d but prbly its production has been stopped budget...
  3. mailshobhon

    The slight sound from dvd drive From Asus K53sv

    The slight sound from dvd drive while booting is normal according to you when there is no dvd. Anybody having k53sv can help i will be grateful. Friends who are having asus k53sv laptop please comment please guys
  4. D

    Need review of ASUS K53SX SV520D

    Please anyone post the review of ASUS K53SV SX520D or any other laptop of the k53sv series.
  5. Alien

    the Asus K53SV - SX521V and SX521D thread

    Hi guys! Here is my new laptop. Asus K53SV SX521V Specs: Intel 2nd Gen i7 2670QM, 2.2GHz 8GB DDR3 RAM 2GB nVIDIA Geforce GT540M 750GB, 5400rpm Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit USB 3.0, BT 3.0 Price: 52,000 INR Now some pics: Observations so far: No heating...
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