The 2017 Forum Improvement Suggestion Thread

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We need some new features like followed in Toms Hardware forum.

1.We need to implement badges like AMD Expert, CPU Expert, GPU Expert etc for certain members who are proficient in their respective fields..
2.We need to implement Credits system like which member earned more number of credits that can be redeemed to buy Digit Magazines...
3.We need to implement more themes & individual coloring system to each sub-section...
4.We also need the Bazaar Section improved like TE and Erodov forums do so that my Digit becomes No. 1 forum in India...

For example




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Well damn, we moved to Xenforo. This feels...different. Btw post count of users to remain hidden in the future too?


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Please move the timestamp of a post, to the top-right instead of having it in bottom-left. It's almost non visible.


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Thank you Raaabo for the smilies.

One thing, I'm not able to send a private message, I think it's called starting a conversation in Xenforo. Is the the case with everyone?
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